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Monday 12:45 PM–2:00 PM


Monday 11:30 AM–1:00 PM Ballroom A

Enjoy your last meal at Limmud NY. See you next year!

A Jewish Mind (and Soul) in the Making:

Seven Essential Life Skils that Every Child Needs

Marni Thompson-Tilove

Canceled, sorry

Identity & Responsibility

How do we raise our children to be healthy, responsible, and competent Jewish individuals in the pressure-filled, over-stimulated world we have created? Using Ellen Galinsky's ground-breaking book, "Mind in the Making: Seven Essential Life Skills That Every Child Needs," we will explore these seven life skills through a Jewish lens. Together, we will discuss how to provide our children with a strong sense of Jewish consciousness in a secular world. No prior knowledge of the book is needed.

Bringing Limmud Home

An Interactive Arts Workshop

Sonia Gordon-Walinsky

Monday 12:45 PM–2:00 PM Dutchess

101, Arts & Performance, Interactive

Continue the feeling of inspiration you have at Limmud NY when you return home by creating an art piece that incorporates a text or idea you discovered during the conference. Learn some basic Hebrew and English calligraphy that will make your text come alive on paper and help you to connect with the words. (You may bring your source sheets and notes/doodles from the conference to draw from.) No prior knowledge or art background necessary - come as you are.

Do You See the “Writing on the Wall”?

Discovering English sayings from the Bible

Eli Gordon

Monday 12:45 PM–2:00 PM Empire Lounge

101, Text & Thought

Do you know the origins of this well-known saying? Do you know of other familiar sayings in English that have their origins in the Bible? If you enjoy English, and want to study some Bible, come to this light-hearted, easy-going session where we will discover the surprising Biblical origins of many of the sayings we use in our every-day language. No prior Hebrew knowledge needed.

Israel @ College...and After

An Open Conversation

Eliav Rodman

Canceled, sorry

Additional schedule

  • Saturday 12:00 PM–1:15 PM Columbia

College/University Student Recommended, Israel

Israel is a heated topic on college campuses today, and the Millennial Generation's relationship with the Jewish State is not like that of its parents. Come share your thoughts on where we've gone wrong, what we've done right and where we should be going to ensure Israel remains a part of the lives of young Jews everywhere.

Kiddushin by Document

Ben Dreyfus, Elizabeth Richman

Monday 12:45 PM–2:00 PM Orange

Ritual, Prayer & Spirituality, Text & Thought

The Mishnah specifies three different methods for effecting kiddushin (betrothal), the first part of the marriage process. The most common method in the present time is kesef, a ring or other object of value. At our wedding in 2009, we revived another of the classic methods of kiddushin: sh'tar (document). In this session, we'll explain how and why we used this rabbinic procedure to create kiddushin that is egalitarian and mutual.

The Legal History of Modern Jewish Movements

Yitzhak Lewis

Monday 12:45 PM–2:00 PM Manhattan Theater

101, College/University Student Recommended, Global Culture & History

What's the difference between Conservative and Reform? Did people in the Bible really dress like the ultra-Orthodox? Is Zionism a "modern Jewish movement"? Is secularism? We will introduce the origins and history of modern Jewish movements. This will be done through a discussion of the varying attitudes Jewish thinkers have had throughout history towards the idea of Jewish religious law.

Understanding the Armenian Holocaust in Context

Prelude to Genocide: Jews Look at Armenian Deaths

Sharonah Fredrick

Monday 12:45 PM–2:00 PM The View

Global Culture & History

Among the first witnesses of the genocide committed on the Armenian population in Turkey were Jewish scholars and journalists, one of whom actually coined the term "genocide" to describe the phenomenon of ethnic extermination that was occurring, with impunity, under the eyes of an apathetic world. Not so many years later, Adolf Hitler cited the precedent of the Armenian deaths as model for his own plans of "ethnic purity" in Europe. The importance of understanding the killings will be detailed.

Where and Why Has Israel Gone Wrong and What Can We Do About It?

Shlomo Riskin

Monday 12:45 PM–2:00 PM Columbia

Identity & Responsibility, Israel

A failed second Lebanon war, a crisis within the IDF, and corruption in the highest places of government—is the Zionist dream still alive, and if it is sick, how can we cure it?

Why Me? And What's the Point?

A Radical Rabbinic Retelling of Lech Lecha

Benji Stanley

Monday 12:45 PM–2:00 PM Ulster

Identity & Responsibility, Text & Thought

God tells Abraham, Lech Lecha (Chapter 12, Genesis/Bereishit): "You! Go Forth," so that you shall be a blessing for all the world. It is the beginning of the Jewish mission, and yet, the rabbis creatively view the moment as fraught with doubt. Come and explore some piercing moments in Chapter 39 of Bereishit Rabbah, commentary on the book of Genesis, as God, Justice and Choseness are interrogated. We will pay attention to the rabbis' bold approach of creative interpretation of Scripture (midrash) as well as their bold approach to theology.


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