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Sunday 10:45 PM–Monday 12:00 AM

The Bar is Open!

Sunday 9:15 PM–Monday 2:15 AM Lobby bar

Additional schedule

  • Saturday 9:00 PM–Sunday 2:00 AM Lobby bar

"Salonica" (Film)

Paul Weinberg

Sunday 10:45 PM–Monday 12:00 AM Orange

Film, Global Culture & History

The ancient city of Thessaloniki, now called Salonica, was the center of Greek Jewry for 500 years, until it was destroyed by the Germans in World War II. Paolo Polini's film, "Salonica," documents the remnants of the once strong community, showing the survivors of the Holocaust who returned, and the very few Jewish children still living in this formerly "Judeo-Greek" community, which is today a city totally cleansed of its Jewish life and character. Until 1912, Salonica was part of the Ottoman Empire, with Jews constituting on e third of the population, and the other two thirds made up of Greeks, Turks, Slavs and other ethnic groups. The Jewish community, originally from Spain, maintained its distinct identity, speaking a Spanish Jewish dialect called Ladino. After the German takeover of 1941, aided by Greece's neighbors who like jackals plundered Jews' properties, the formerly cosmopolitan and open character of the city was replaced by a religio-nationalist policy, marking the Jews for eventual destruction and systematically marginalizing the Jewish community. After the War, when the small remnant of Greek Jewry returned to their homes, like much of Europe they were met with outright hostility. All traces of Greek Jewry were eliminated by the government. A prime example of this is the Jewish cemetery which today serves as the ground for Greece's second largest university. "Salonica" shows the Jewish remnant which hearkens back to its tragic history and its eventual dissolution.

Dance Party

Get Groovy with Limmud NY!

Sunday 10:45 PM–Monday 1:15 AM Columbia

Social Programming

You got the moves, we got the grooves! Join fellow LImmudNYks and celebrate a fabulous weekend by cutting loose and letting go on the dance floor. Dance to the best tunes, past and present, during this very popular annual event.

Darshan Live in Concert

Shir Yaakov Feinstein-Feit, Eden Pearlstein

Sunday 10:45 PM–Monday 12:00 AM Manhattan Theater

Arts & Performance

Darshan is the Musical Midrash Project of Singer/Songwriter Shir Yaakov and Radical Jewish Renaissance Rapper Eprhyme. Together these two juxtapose diverse sounds and styles as they creatively delve into Jewish Sources and Deep Spirituality. Darshan is astral rap, liturgical jazz, audio alchemy. Harmonizing Hebrew Chant with Hip Hop, this music is a unique blend of deep and probing rhymes with evocative and uplifting melodies, prayers, and niggunim. Come move and be moved.


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