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Saturday 8:45 AM–11:30 AM

Mechitza Service Led by Women and Men

Shacharit/Torah Service/Musaf (Shabbat Morning Services)

Saturday 9:00 AM–11:45 AM Bentley's

Ritual, Prayer & Spirituality, Shabbat

Modeled after Kehillat Shira Chadasha in Jerusalem and Darkhei Noam in Manhattan, this service aims to provide opportunities for women to participate within a traditional service with a mechitzah (partition). Both men and women will lead parts of the service, read from the Torah, and get called up for aliyot (blessings for Torah reading). Note: No amplification or musical instruments are used in this service. Seating is separate by gender.

Reform Shabbat Morning Service

Julia Katz, Marc Katz

Saturday 8:45 AM–10:15 AM The View

Ritual, Prayer & Spirituality, Shabbat

Join us for a musical and participatory service led by a team of rabbinic and cantorial students from Hebrew Union College, including Marc and Julia Katz. We will be using the Reform Movement's siddur (Mishkan Tefillah). The service will include guitar and other instrumentation and a mixture of Hebrew prayers and English poetic readings. All are invited to participate! Note: There will be musical instruments and mixed-gender seating.

Shabbat Morning Service, Jewish Renewal Style

Jill Hammer, Shoshana Jedwab

Saturday 8:45 AM–10:45 AM Empire Lounge

Ritual, Prayer & Spirituality, Shabbat

Jill Hammer and Shoshana Jedwab will facilitate a Jewish Renewal style Shabbat service. Jill Hammer, rabbi, will lead participants on an interactive prayer journey based on a Four Worlds model. Shoshana Jedwab, percussionist, will lead primal devotional chants that open up the heart with her drum. The Torah service will enable participants to choose transformative aliyot (honors) based on the themes of the parasha (Torah portion). Note: There will be musical instruments and mixed-gender seating.

Traditional Egalitarian Shacharit/Torah Service/Musaf

Shabbat Morning Services Led by Men and Women

Saturday 8:45 AM–11:15 AM Columbia

Ritual, Prayer & Spirituality, Shabbat

Join Yeshivat Hadar faculty and students in a participatory Shabbat morning service. The traditional egalitarian service features spirited singing of the traditional liturgy with leadership and participation by both men and women. Note: No amplification or musical instruments will be used in this service. There will be mixed-gender seating.


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