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Friday 10:15 PM–11:30 PM

Friday Night Tisch!

A Table of Shabbos Singing and Storytelling

Shir Yaakov Feinstein-Feit, David Ingber, Eden Pearlstein, DovBer Pinson

Friday 10:15 PM–11:30 PM Empire Lounge

Ritual, Prayer & Spirituality, Shabbat

Tisch (Yiddish for table) is the Hasidic custom of gathering around a table to share songs, words, and drinks. Come with your whole self and be moved into the full Shabbat spirit as Eden Perlstein's prophetic rap dances with the Hasidic niggunim (songs without words) and teachings of Rav DovBer Pinson and mystical melodies of Shir Yaakov. Note: Alcohol will be available at the Tisch (only for participants who are 21 years of age and older).

Jewish Topography

Exploring and Celebrating Our Diversity

Andrew Gaines

Friday 10:15 PM–11:30 PM Sullivan

Identity & Responsibility, Interactive, Social Programming

Encounter, delve, and connect with Limmud NY's wide variety of community members. Through a fast-paced series of engaging activities and explorations, we'll discover and celebrate the breadth and depth of our diversity and the many roles we play. You're guaranteed to be surprised at what you'll learn about yourself, your loved ones...and that guy over there. Participants of all ages, backgrounds, observance levels, and orientations are needed to help represent our full Jewish topography!

LGBT Meet Up

Friday 10:15 PM–11:15 PM Lobby center

Social Programming

Meet fellow members of the LGBT community who are attending the conference. A chance to socialize, discuss common interests, and explore what Limmud NY has to offer you.

My Bobe Was a Communist

Readings from "Bessie": A Novel of Love and Revolution

Lawrence Bush

Friday 10:15 PM–11:30 PM Orange

Arts & Performance, Global Culture & History

Readings from "Bessie," a novel about a revolutionary Jewish woman of the immigrant generation, narrated in both a first-person voice of an elderly woman and a third-person voice. An embodiment of Jewish radicalism and Jewish secularism.

On Judging Others (and Ourselves) Favorably

Rebbe Nachman on Loving the People You Lead

Shai Held

Friday 10:15 PM–11:30 PM Ulster

Identity & Responsibility, Text & Thought

Judaism teaches us to judge others favorably (lekhaf zekhut). But the question is: how do we do that? In this session, we'll explore a simple yet profound text by Rebbe Nachman of Bratzlav about how to see others in the best possible light, and simultaneously, how to see ourselves in the same way. We'll discuss the ways in which seeing other people generously is what makes authentic religious leadership possible. Learn how a simple practice can have transformative effects on our lives.

Where Baseball and Falafel Meet

From a Local Staten Island Kid to Lieutenant Colonel in the Israel Defence Force (IDF), a Personal Journey

Barry Mark Spielman

Friday 10:15 PM–11:30 PM Dutchess

College/University Student Recommended, High School Student Recommended, Identity & Responsibility, Israel

Coming back to the US to serve as the head of the Aliyah Delegation for the Jewish Agency is the closing of a circle for Barry Spielman. How and why does one choose to live in Israel and serve in the IDF? Hear about Barry’s experience in the Israeli hi-tech sector, about becoming Israeli, and why he thinks others can do the same.


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