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Friday 12:50 PM–1:50 PM


Friday 11:30 AM–1:30 PM Ballroom A

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Can You Spare a Dime?

Sources on Spontaneous Tzedakah

Elizabeth Richman

Friday 12:50 PM–1:50 PM Orange

Social Justice, Text & Thought

You are walking down Broadway, and someone on the street asks you for money. What do you do? Modern urban Jews face this question nearly every day, but so did the rabbis of the Talmud. We'll explore a variety of Talmudic and Midrashic texts on this theme and discuss our own responses in light of these potentially surprising ancient sources.

How To Climb Your Jewish Family Tree

Arthur Kurzweil

Friday 12:50 PM–1:50 PM Empire Lounge

How-To, Identity & Responsibility

Have you ever been curious about the history of your Jewish family? Would you like to find information about your ancestors? Are you interesting in discovering the names and fate of those people in your family who were murdered during the Holocaust? Arthur Kurzweil is the author of "From Generation to Generation," the classic, best-selling guidebook to the field of Jewish genealogical research. In this class you will learn how to do Jewish genealogical research successfully—and why.

If It's Worth Saying Once, It's Worth Saying Twice

Lessons from Hillel's Ascent to Power

Yaffa Epstein

Friday 12:50 PM–1:50 PM Manhattan Theater

Global Culture & History, Text & Thought

Hillel, one of the most significant rabbis in Jewish history, is appointed to the position of Nasi head of the Beit Midrash (house of study), after an interesting episode. We will examine how this story is told in the Tosephta, the Palestinian Talmud, and the Babylonian Talmud—and see what this story can teach us about the cultures within which it is being told.

It's Not In Heaven: The Comedy of Yisrael Campbell (Film)

a.k.a. Circumcise Me

Paul Weinberg

Canceled, sorry

Additional schedule

  • Saturday 10:30 PM–11:45 PM Dutchess

Film, Identity & Responsibility

How do you combine standup comedy, conversion to Orthodox Judaism (having previously converted to Reform and Conservative Judaism), and aliyah to Israel in one film? Easy! You watch Yisrael (a.k.a. "Chris") Campbell, formerly of Philadelphia and now a resident of Jerusalem, guide you on a journey filled with humor and genuine pathos, from his upbringing in the United States to his life today as a standup comedian living in Jerusalem. Although a convert, Yisrael Campbell has a genuine Jewish "tam" (flavor, sensibility) to his take on the world, and particularly on the world of Israel today. His humor bridges the gap between the Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jew, and the American and Israeli Jew. Talking about everyday life in Israel— with its joys and tragedies—both reverently and humorously, and at the same time commenting on the underlying important concepts of Judaism, Campbell gives us a unique must-watch film about Judaism and Israel today.

Jewish Community Organizing

Strengthening Institutions and Building Community

Elizabeth Richman

Canceled, sorry

Additional schedule

  • Sunday 11:30 AM–12:45 PM Orange

How-To, Interactive

The ideas and techniques of community organizing are particularly effective for Jewish organizations seeking to build community, develop strong new leaders, and identify areas of shared passion or concern. We will talk briefly about organizing from a Jewish perspective and then focus specifically on the technique of relational meetings, the fundamental building block of community organizing. We will learn how to do a relational meeting, watch a model meeting, and then practice with each other.

Limmud Chavruta: God's Time

EJ Cohen, Karen Radkowsky

Friday 12:50 PM–1:50 PM Bentley's fireside

Chavruta, Text & Thought

In this interactive session, we will explore our relationship to God and time in this world. Can we own time, or does it belong to God? Can we control it, or does it control us? Ancient sources, modern scholarship, song lyrics and more will be used. Everyone is welcome, whether you have studied texts before or not, and knowledge of Hebrew is not required.

Toward a Renewal of the Zionist Idea

Chaim Seidler-Feller

Friday 12:50 PM–1:50 PM Ulster


The establishment of the State of Israel constitutes only a partial fulfillment of the goals of Zionism. Zionism also aimed at renewing the Jewish people and propelling them to constitute a model society. Yet, Zionist discourse has, over the past decades, been stuck in a political mode and has become largely irrelevant, even to those who are passionate supporters of Israel. This seminar proposes to reinvigorate the Zionist conversation and to awaken a vital ideology that can be a source of Jewish renewal while providing a meaningful focus to the Zionist project.

Writing from a Novel (Mussar) Perspective

Get Unstuck

Kim Schneiderman

Canceled, sorry

Additional schedule

  • Sunday 5:45 PM–7:00 PM The View

How-To, Identity & Responsibility, Interactive

Every life is an unfolding story. Yet few of us take time to figure out what our story is about, why we’ve selected our chosen roles, or how the challenges that we face can help us develop the strengths we need to move to the next chapter. This series of structured writing exercises are designed to help people who feel stuck – in a dead-end job, a challenging relationship, or stage of life – get a fresh perspective on a familiar story….their own. Borrowing from the mussar (Jewish literary) tradition, we will explore how conflict creates opportunities for personal growth. One need not be a “good writer” to participate. A sense of adventure is all that’s required.


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