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The Ayins Have It: The Nothingness That is Everything

David Ingber

Ritual, Prayer & Spirituality, Text & Thought

Jewish Mysticism, like many other forms of mysticism, asserts that reality is not what it may seem to be. Behind the apparent diversity and plurality of phenomenon witnessed by our senses, lies a simple, unified field of Divinity, called by the Kabbalists, Ayin. Ayin, or No-thingness is a concept in Kabbalistic and Hassidic sources that has profound implications for our post-modern search for authentic religious experience. This class will follow the development of this core concept, drawing from traditional Jewish and non-Jewish sources to deepen our familiarity with this dimension of our spiritual heritage. No prior background necessary.

David Ingber

David Ingber is a rabbi, explorer, and integrator. His experience spans from training in the Orthodox world to Renewal Judaism, from teaching pilates and gyrotonics to meditating under the guidance of great Zen teachers, from tai chi and yoga to astrology, from great Jewish mystics to western philosophy. He recently founded Romemu in NYC.

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