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Israeli Musicians Get the Jewish Thang

Robbie Gringras

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Empire Lounge Canceled, sorry

Arts & Performance, Israel

After about 60 years of disappointment, Israel is delivering: a renaissance of Jewish culture. And it’s not even nerdy or elitist… Together with Robbie Gringras, Artist in Residence with Makom, we’ll be listening to and talking about top Israeli music that challenges, inspires, and permanently alters what we call “Jewish Music”.

Robbie Gringras

Robbie Gringras is a British-Israeli writer, performer, and educator. His plays have performed throughout the world in English, Spanish, and Hebrew. He works as Artist-in-Residence with Makom, and is chief editor/writer of www.makom.haaretz.com . He’s married to Dorit, a glass artist, his son is a gorgeous dreadlocked Israeli working an eco-retreat in a Laos jungle, and his daughter is a gorgeous Israeli at home missing her Dad. Robbie has survived Habonim, Oxford University, Mandel Jerusalem Fellows, and is even having fun working with the Jewish Agency.

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