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Jewish Community Organizing
Strengthening Institutions and Building Community

Elizabeth Richman

How-To, Interactive

The ideas and techniques of community organizing are particularly effective for Jewish organizations seeking to build community, develop strong new leaders, and identify areas of shared passion or concern. We will talk briefly about organizing from a Jewish perspective and then focus specifically on the technique of relational meetings, the fundamental building block of community organizing. We will learn how to do a relational meeting, watch a model meeting, and then practice with each other.

Elizabeth Richman

Jews United for Justice

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Elizabeth Richman is Program Director & Rabbi in Residence at Jews United for Justice, DC’s Jewish community organizing group. She has taught about Judaism and justice from California to Qatar and served on taskforces at Jewish Funds for Justice and the Rabbinical Assembly. In her spare time she helps run Segulah, a songful, lay-led, trad-egal Shabbat morning minyan on the DC/MD border.

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