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"No. 4 Street of Our Lady" (Film)

Paul Weinberg


In 1939, the town of Sokal, Poland (now Ukraine) had 6,000 Jews. By 1945, there were only 30 survivors. Of this number, 16 were hidden in the hayloft and cellar of Franciska Halamajowa's house and barn, at No. 4 Street of Our Lady. What was extraordinary about this incredible act of heroism is that she hid them from the Germans and their collaborators for more than 2 1/2 years. To do this required constant vigilance and work for Mrs. Halamajowa. She had to prepare enough food for all the people, but disguise it as animal feed. She also had to dispose of their human waste by mixing it with the waste of her pigs. In this film, survivors of No. 4 Street of Our Lady meet the grandchildren of Franciska Halamajowa and reminisce about her generosity and humanity in saving them from certain death.

Paul Weinberg


Paul Weinberg has owned Alden Films since 1984, which is a distributor of Jewish and Israeli films. Prior to that, he managed the Elmira Symphony and Choral Society, and produced concerts for the Queens Council on the Arts.

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