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Give Me Wonder: Heschel, Nachman, and Rumi

Shelly Fredman

Ritual, Prayer & Spirituality, Text & Thought

Nachman's brand of prayer focused on hitbodedut (the act of creating personal prayer) or talking to God--out loud--in an open field. Heschel tells us prayer is not about petition, but is an act of responding, receiving and awakening. What should our prayer life look like today? How might our theological heroes' approaches to prayer enrich, challenge and ignite our own relationship with the Divine? Using a new technique of "writing into text," we will explore these seeker's ideas and our own.

Shelly Fredman

Skirball Adult Education/Barnard college

Shelly R. Fredman teaches the Writer’s Beit Midrash at Skirball’s Adult Jewish Center in NYC and also teaches writing at Barnard College. Her work has appeared in "Best Jewish Writing" and various anthologies. She is particularly interested in the profound encounter that can take place when sacred texts meet up with the dreams, struggles, aspirations and challenges of our personal lives.

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