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God, Gender, Justice: The Meaning of Homosexuality
or, Sexual Regulation as Ordering Power

Jay Michaelson

Identity & Responsibility, Social Justice

Why is homosexuality such a political football? Sexuality is the first site of power and control, and liberated sexuality does indeed look like “the end of civilization” for those of a mythic religious bent. Using text from the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and New Christian Right, this workshop will explore how the regulation of sexuality reflects deep concerns of order and chaos, and why it is of importance not just for LGBT people but to all of us.

Jay Michaelson

Nehirim: GLBT Jewish Culture and Spirituality

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Author of "Everything is God: The Radical Path of Nondual Judaism", "God vs Gay: The Religious Case for Equality" amongst other books and articles. Contributing editor to Forward, Zeek, Huffington Post, Tikkun. Founder of Nehirim (national GLBT organization) & Zeek; Forward 50 list. JD/Yale; PhD/Jewish Thought/Hebrew Univ.; MFA/Sarah Lawrence. Nondual BuJu fae neo-Kabbalist.

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