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Is There Collective Guilt - Polish Case
Do Nations Feel Guilty for Their Past Crimes

Patrycja Slawuta

Global Culture & History, Identity & Responsibility

This session will explore the area of collective responsibility. We will focus on Poland as a case study but other examples will be discussed as well. The question—what happens when nations are reminded about their reprehensible past?—will be answered. The case of Poland is especially important as it used to be a home to over three million Jews before the war. Nowadays, Jews and Poles share the same emotions toward each other—love and hate.

Patrycja Slawuta

New School for Social Research

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Patrycja Slawuta is a PhD candidate in experimental social psychology. Born in Poland, she has been investigating the role of collective guilt among the Poles. Her research in NYC focuses on dynamics of inter-group relations with an extreme case being a genocide. Patrycja has published papers as well as has given numerous talk on the topic of collective guilt in post-violence context.

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