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Kim Schneiderman

Kim Schneiderman, MSW, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, adjunct professor, workshop facilitator, professional writer, and consummate seeker who lives and works in New York City. When she is not counseling adults in her private psychotherapy practice on the Upper West Side or teaching Master’s-level social work students at Long Island University, Ms. Schneiderman facilitates therapeutic writing groups at the 92nd Street Y, the JCC in Manhattan, and various other venues. A former journalist, Ms. Schneiderman has been writing professionally for the past 20 years.

Coping with Transition

Identity & Responsibility

Change is the one constant in life. Yet we are often surprised when it happens. Our educational system grooms us for progressive levels of security, reinforcing the belief that skill mastery yields the predictable comforts of a settled life. As we age, we are measured by our gains, not our losses, our stability, not our vulnerability. Learn about a framework for coping with uncertainty that integrates images and themes from the Jewish tradition. Learn how to understand and make the most of the “neutral zone,” the place where old roles and identities no longer make sense and life seems somewhat unreal. See why every beginning starts with an ending, and how embracing the lessons of endings and the neutral zone can maximize the potential for powerful beginnings in our lives.

Writing from a Novel (Mussar) Perspective

Get Unstuck

How-To, Identity & Responsibility, Interactive

Every life is an unfolding story. Yet few of us take time to figure out what our story is about, why we’ve selected our chosen roles, or how the challenges that we face can help us develop the strengths we need to move to the next chapter. This series of structured writing exercises are designed to help people who feel stuck – in a dead-end job, a challenging relationship, or stage of life – get a fresh perspective on a familiar story….their own. Borrowing from the mussar (Jewish literary) tradition, we will explore how conflict creates opportunities for personal growth. One need not be a “good writer” to participate. A sense of adventure is all that’s required.


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