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Barry Mark Spielman

Jewish Agency for Israel

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Barry Spielman made Aliyah in 1988. He has more than 20 years of public affairs and marketing experience. A former career officer in the IDF Spokesman's Office, Barry is a Lt. Col. in the IDF reserves. Barry has served as a Marketing Director in several of Israel's top hi-tech companies. He holds a BA from Bar Ilan U. and MAs from GWU and Boston/Ben Gurion U. He is married and has four children.

Where Baseball and Falafel Meet

From a Local Staten Island Kid to Lieutenant Colonel in the Israel Defence Force (IDF), a Personal Journey

College/University Student Recommended, High School Student Recommended, Identity & Responsibility, Israel

Coming back to the US to serve as the head of the Aliyah Delegation for the Jewish Agency is the closing of a circle for Barry Spielman. How and why does one choose to live in Israel and serve in the IDF? Hear about Barry’s experience in the Israeli hi-tech sector, about becoming Israeli, and why he thinks others can do the same.

Israel 2011

The Economic Miracle


Israel's economy is rolling. Even as most Western countries continue to struggle with the recession, Israel (officially the first Western country to exit the crisis) has an economy that continues to expand. Nowhere is this more true than in the technology sector. This session will discuss Israel as a "start-up nation," analyzing Israel's success and delving into the unique circumstances that got Israel to where it is today.

A Rough Neighborhood

Israel’s National Security

College/University Student Recommended, High School Student Recommended, Israel

Israel continues to face numerous security challenges and opportunities. From the stagnating peace process to the Iranian threat, from Hezbollah to Hamas. This session will discuss the various issues on Israel's national security agenda from the perspective of a reserve lieutenant colonel in the Israel Defense Force (IDF). This workshop will give you basic facts and a crash course from an IDF Spokesman’s Office veteran on how Israel represents itself. (Please note that the session is not an official representation of the IDF.)

Who, Me? Life Opportunities in Israel

College/University Student Recommended, High School Student Recommended, Israel

More people have made Aliyah from North America in 2009 and 2010 than in any years since the Yom Kippur War. Israel presents many opportunities for people interested in choosing to live in Israel or to go on various programs. As the head of the Aliyah Delegation in North America, I will present the work we are doing, our work together with Nefesh B'Nefesh, and everything you need to know about the Aliyah process.

American Jews—from the Israeli Perspective

A Panel Discussion

David Breakstone, Refael "Rafi" Feuerstein, Eliav Rodman, Barry Mark Spielman

Interactive, Israel

"As Prime Minister of Israel, I promise you that I will not permit anything to undermine the unity of our people. Israel must always be a place that each and every one of you can call home." So said Benjamin Netanyahu at the GA, Nov 8, 2010. Is Israel the center of the Jewish world? What kind of partnership is this? Is it love? Marriage? Does Israel speak to me or for me? Is Israel a home away from home? Explore the relationship of the Jewish State with Jews around the world along with four Israelis. There will be at least five opinions—bring yours.


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