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Naomi Less


Naomi Less, hailed by PresenTense Magazine as the “Ultimate Jewish Chick Rocker” breaks gender stereotypes with her faith-driven, edgy, pop-rock riffs, soaring melodies and uplifting messages. Naomi combines her passion for education, Judaism and music to motivate audiences to work for change in the world. Naomi and producer Glenn Grossman launched her first Jewish rock album, "Meshuga'at" in 2008. In 2008, Naomi founded Jewish Chicks Rock, encouraging young girls to pick up instruments and express themselves. Her strong character and unique voice amplify a powerful message to young women: be who you are, no apologies. Naomi has been a songwriter, world-wide Jewish ritual musician, songleader, and rockband leader for 14 years.

Lights Ignite Change in Concert

Sarah Aroeste, Naomi Less, Chana Rothman

Arts & Performance

Lights Ignite Change, a traveling concert fronted by women - and a total paradigm shift in what music can accomplish - brightens up the night at Limmud NY. Lights Ignite Change works with communities around the country and globe to produce concerts that serve a higher purpose: granting exposure to grassroots community initiatives working towards social justice; igniting people’s interest in service for change by connecting them with engaged activists in their communities; providing meaningful, quality live music; and highlighting a platform for local female musicians. Activate your ears, heart, soul and hands at this truly unique showcase of music for a purpose!

Just Breathe

A Musical/Meditative Prayerful Break in the Day

Ritual, Prayer & Spirituality

Limmud NY, while super fun, can deplete your energy and even be a little stress-evoking because of how much there is to do, to learn, and to explore. Take a time out and join Jewish Chick Rocker Naomi Less for a light movement/meditation/musical exploration through prayer—explore prayers that deal with the body, breathing, and song.

Songwriters' Circle

Naomi Less, Chana Rothman

Arts & Performance, Interactive

Jewish Chick Rocker Naomi Less and Roots-Reggae performer Chana Rothman, host a Songwriting Circle. Participants will share their work to a nurturing circle of chesed (loving kindness). Chana and Naomi encourage songwriters to hear their work out loud, to share it with a caring human soundboard, and to learn from the reflective mirror the listeners provide. Take a risk in a safe environment. Please, bring your song (no matter how far along it is) and your own instrument if you use one. (This session is for any songwriters, whether novice or experienced.)


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