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Rachel Gershman

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Rachel Gershman has been involved in Limmud NY for the past five years - starting out as a madricha (counselor) for Camp Limmud NY. By day, Rachel is a social worker at Tempo Group, where she works with adolescents involved in substance abuse. Rachel loves pickles, traveling, the color green, bugs, and of course Limmud NY.

Raising Good Jewish Boys and Girls

Andrea Fallick, Rachel Gershman

Identity & Responsibility, Interactive

There was a time when parents inculcated the values of society into their children; today we need to protect our children from many of the values and beliefs of our society. The Internet, television, movies, and music provide both wonderful opportunities for learning and entertainment, as well as some risks. Learn how to give your children what they need to take advantage of today's culture safely. Give them the tools they need have patience and to "think" before they act in the midst of a culture in which instant gratification is too long to wait.


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