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Elizabeth Richman

Jews United for Justice

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Elizabeth Richman is Program Director & Rabbi in Residence at Jews United for Justice, DC’s Jewish community organizing group. She has taught about Judaism and justice from California to Qatar and served on taskforces at Jewish Funds for Justice and the Rabbinical Assembly. In her spare time she helps run Segulah, a songful, lay-led, trad-egal Shabbat morning minyan on the DC/MD border.

Can You Spare a Dime?

Sources on Spontaneous Tzedakah

Social Justice, Text & Thought

You are walking down Broadway, and someone on the street asks you for money. What do you do? Modern urban Jews face this question nearly every day, but so did the rabbis of the Talmud. We'll explore a variety of Talmudic and Midrashic texts on this theme and discuss our own responses in light of these potentially surprising ancient sources.

"Just" Giving

A Panel Discussion

Sam "Bodi" Bodenheimer, Simon Greer, Shai Held, Elizabeth Richman

Identity & Responsibility, Interactive, Social Justice

This panel will address the question of priorities in giving, especially in relation to Jews and non-Jews. In the current economic climate, people are experiencing a greater strain on their resources and there is a more intense sense of need. Should Jews prioritize Jewish causes? What about the trend, especially among younger Jews, to direct much of their money and attention to non-sectarian causes? Does this trend reflect disintegrating bonds of peoplehood, or something else? Join us to consider how contemporary Jews should respond to these realities and what role Jewish texts should play in guiding our response.

Jewish Community Organizing

Strengthening Institutions and Building Community

How-To, Interactive

The ideas and techniques of community organizing are particularly effective for Jewish organizations seeking to build community, develop strong new leaders, and identify areas of shared passion or concern. We will talk briefly about organizing from a Jewish perspective and then focus specifically on the technique of relational meetings, the fundamental building block of community organizing. We will learn how to do a relational meeting, watch a model meeting, and then practice with each other.

Kiddushin by Document

Ben Dreyfus, Elizabeth Richman

Ritual, Prayer & Spirituality, Text & Thought

The Mishnah specifies three different methods for effecting kiddushin (betrothal), the first part of the marriage process. The most common method in the present time is kesef, a ring or other object of value. At our wedding in 2009, we revived another of the classic methods of kiddushin: sh'tar (document). In this session, we'll explain how and why we used this rabbinic procedure to create kiddushin that is egalitarian and mutual.


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