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Simon Greer

Jewish Funds for Justice

Simon Greer is President and CEO of Jewish Funds for Justice (JFSJ), a national public foundation guided by Jewish history and tradition. Since the mid-1980s JFSJ has developed new ways to create social change and strengthen low-income communities. Since he assumed his position in 2005, Mr. Greer has led the organization through a period of dramatic institutional growth and increased philanthropic support.

Three Jews at the March on Washington

Unpacking our Mutliple Roles in Civil Rights

Arts & Performance, Interactive, Social Justice

The session will start with a brief one man play where the complex roles Jews have played in social movements will be illuminated through three different character and then the audience will be invited to join the conversation entering the play "in character" and then turning to a more open discussion about our roles in social change efforts today.

"Just" Giving

A Panel Discussion

Sam "Bodi" Bodenheimer, Simon Greer, Shai Held, Elizabeth Richman

Identity & Responsibility, Interactive, Social Justice

This panel will address the question of priorities in giving, especially in relation to Jews and non-Jews. In the current economic climate, people are experiencing a greater strain on their resources and there is a more intense sense of need. Should Jews prioritize Jewish causes? What about the trend, especially among younger Jews, to direct much of their money and attention to non-sectarian causes? Does this trend reflect disintegrating bonds of peoplehood, or something else? Join us to consider how contemporary Jews should respond to these realities and what role Jewish texts should play in guiding our response.

Change from the Inside Out

Becoming the Change You Seek in the World

Ritual, Prayer & Spirituality, Social Justice

Too often there is a divide between those who "work on themeselves" and those who work to change the world. In the complex world we live, it is increasingly clear that we must do both at the same time - change ourselves as we change the world. How to do both these things in service of each other begins to integrate parts of each of us and parts of our larger community that are too often held apart. Come explore how we can create this integrated approach to change and to life.

Justice Equals Love Plus Power

Making Meaning of MLK's Legacy Today

Identity & Responsibility, Social Justice

An interactive session which will offer people a chance to move around the room to build a human power sculpture. By engaging physically before processing intellectually, the session takes us to new depths of understanding how we think about power, what's Jewish about it and what Martin Luther King Junior's legacy can mean for us today.


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