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Rachel Ravitz

Rachel & Matti

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Rachel Ravitz received her BA in Theater from the University of Massachussets in Amherst. She is a singer and an ordained maggidah (storyteller) in the lineage of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. She developed and has presented her one-woman show, A Song of Ascents: A Spiritual Journey back to Judaism, throughout the country. She co-writes and performs original Jewish music both solo and with her husband, Mattisyahu Brown, and they just released a CD of original Jewish music called My Love, My Friend.

Musical Seudah Shlishit

The Third Shabbat Meal

Mattisyahu Brown, Rachel Ravitz

College/University Student Recommended, Ritual, Prayer & Spirituality, Shabbat, Social Justice

As Shabbat afternoon wanes, we enter one of the most spiritual times of the week. The last hours are the most holy, and we mark this taste of the world to come with singing contemplative Carlebach melodies, telling inspirational stories, and having a little nosh (small meal). Note: No amplification or musical instruments will be used in this session.

House of Wine

A Spiritually Intoxicating Melave Malka (Escorting the Queen)

Mattisyahu Brown, Rachel Ravitz

Arts & Performance, Ritual, Prayer & Spirituality

Join us as we ‘escort the Shabbat Queen’ with Havdala and a deep drink of holy song and storytelling. Rachel & Matti will share warm, ecstatic music from their new CD, drawn from the love-drunk words of Song of Songs and Psalms. And “when wine goes in, the secret comes out:” Rachel will share Rav Shlomo Carlebach’s stories of the ‘hidden tzadik’—the secret tzadik (righteous person) hidden within each of us. Together we will sing until our inner light shines.

Circle Dance and the Experience of Oneness

Mattisyahu Brown, Rachel Ravitz

Movement, Text & Thought

Through both textual learning and simple movement experiments, we will explore the kavanot (intentions) that the Chasidic masters used in their spiritual dancing. When divine unity is our group focus, the circle dance can give us a vivid taste of higher consciousness. Mattisyahu Brown brings to this workshop his life-experience as a meditator and as a professional choreographer.

A Song of Ascents: A Spiritual Journey back to Judaism

Arts & Performance

Join Rachel Ravitz as she shares, through song, story, humor, and Jewish wisdom teachings, her fascinating spiritual journey through the world's major religions back to her Jewish roots. Rachel has offered this one-woman show, to great acclaim, throughout the United States. This session is open to women only.


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