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Jennifer Gersch


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Jennifer Gersch is a painter, photographer, ceramicist, singer, tap and Afro-Caribbean dancer, and NYC Marathoner. Six of her oil paintings debuted in the 2010 JTS art exhibit, Volumes, and she exhibited photographs in the Projekt30 October 2010 online exhibit. She has been a Limmud NY volunteer since 2004, and made her Limmud Colorado presenter debut in May 2010.

The Dramatic Dual Romance of Parshat Chayei Sarah

Text & Thought

The Torah portion Chayei Sarah is one of the most beautiful and romantic stories in the Bible, one in which G-d’s hand is seen through every step of the journey. We will examine this parsha, focusing on the relationships between G-d and Eliezer and Isaac and Rebecca. Knowledge of Hebrew and Torah trop (cantillation marks) helpful, though not required.

Tappin’ Limmud NY

Interactive, Movement

Stomp! Hop! Flap! Ball! Change! A tap dancing sensation will choreograph an easy tap dance routine for Limmud NY participants, set to Jewish music. Find the Fred or Ginger in you. For amateurs and experienced tap dancers alike. Please bring hard-soled shoes or high heels (anything that makes a clear sound).


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