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Rori Picker Neiss

Yeshivat Maharat

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Rori Picker Neiss is a first-year student at Yeshivat Maharat. She has worked as the Acting Executive Director for Religions for Peace-USA, Program Coordinator at JOFA, and Assistant Director of Interreligious Affairs at AJC and is co-editor of "InterActive Faith: The Essential Interreligious Community-Building Handbook," a practical guide for embracing the growing religious pluralism in America.

Beware the False Prophet

A Glimpse at Early Jewish-Christian Polemics

Text & Thought

During the past two millennia, Jews and Christians have labored to establish themselves as distinct and separate religions. Nowhere is this felt more palpably than in the character of Jesus. Is he God, Messiah, sorcerer, or false prophet? Before Christianity, there was Jesus, a religious Jew with committed Jewish followers. Together we will study a censored Rabbinic passage and explore a small piece of the early Jewish-Christian tensions that arose in the first years following Jesus' death.

Exploring the Other

Identity & Responsibility, Text & Thought

What does Judaism think about other faith traditions? Together we will study the writings of famous Jewish thinkers, from the Rabbinic period through today, in an attempt to understand what Judaism has to say about other religious communities.


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