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Jon Adam Ross


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Jon Adam Ross is a widely acclaimed Jewish theater artist. He has performed his one-man show, Walking in Memphis: The Life of a Southern Jew, off-Broadway and around the globe. A founding company member of Storahtelling and the Northwoods Ramah Theater, he is currently touring with his new solo show, God of Our Fathers.

"Walking in Memphis: The Life of a Southern Jew"

Arts & Performance

"Walking in Memphis: The Life of a Southern Jew" traces the life of Jon Ross, an actor and playwright now living in New York City. Jon begins the play by giving his background, his origin, and the show weaves itself through his childhood as a Jew in the Southern city of Memphis, Tennessee. It is a unique journey of passage, and it is made all the more so by the characters Jon inhabits. He begins with his family, of course, a logical place to start. But Jon soon branches out to Elizabeth, his family's housekeeper, Clarence, his barber, Jim Grigg, their Southern Baptist next-door neighbor, and many others. He even spends some time during the show at Jewish summer camp. And, by the end of the show, the audience feels like it has been sitting in a living room having a conversation with a dozen or so people even though they were in a theater, listening to just one person, and not speaking themselves at all. Jon touches on the lives and deaths of many people during the course of the show, and ends the show with a touching, and quite humorous, remembrance of his mother; ending the show in a fitting way, as all Jewish services do—with "Adon Olam."

Get Up, Stand Up!

Arts & Performance, Interactive, Ritual, Prayer & Spirituality

Participants will experience a theatrical journey that explores prayer through a physical and emotional creative process. They will learn how to gain access to Jewish prayer and spirituality without the intimidation that can come from reciting a foreign language by rote.

"God of our Fathers"

Arts & Performance, Identity & Responsibility

Under the direction of Chantal Pavageaux, "God of Our Fathers" follows all the members of an American Jewish family as they live through a generation of assimilation. This is tale of love and family, and the role that religion plays in defining who we are as people. At times hilarious and touching, it is a life cycle piece, but also a close-up examination of modern, religious life in America.

Follow-up Discussion with the Actor: "God of Our Fathers"

Arts & Performance

The session is an opportunity to spend time following the show discussing "God of Our Fathers" with the actor. The performance, which precedes it, is a life cycle piece, but also a close-up examination of modern, religious life in America.


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