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Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM

Monday Breakfast

Monday 7:00 AM–9:00 AM Ballrooms A, B

Sit with someone new! Breakfast is a great time to meet new people at Limmud NY.

Values Auction

A Family Session

Amy Skopp Cooper

Monday 8:15 AM–9:00 AM Sullivan

Children & Families, Identity & Global Culture

A lively family activity about how we prioritize Jewish Values. Check out a parallel session of values exploration for Teens: "You Can Be A Philanthropist, Too. Yes, You!" (This session was made possible by funds from The Covenant Foundation.)

Create Your Own Spiritual Biography

One Step Further along Your Jewish Journey

Samuel Klein, Daniel Silverstein

Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM Ballroom C

Sacred Text & Thought, Spiritual Practice

Everything in your Jewish life, from the mundane to the extraordinary, is a story waiting to be told. The intention of this session is for you to delve deep into your personal narrative and discover your own unique, powerful story. Join Daniel and Samuel in a supportive and reflective space in which you will be afforded the opportunity to create. Through writing exercises and improvisation we hope you'll find your authentic voice, and a way to express it.

Fixing a Hole—Tikkun Olam

Impacting the World - The Jewish Role

David Lazerson

Canceled, sorry

Arts & Performance, Social Justice

This session will feature a showing of the movie called "Crown Heights," followed by a discussion with the artist and writer. The movie is based on Lazerson's true-to-life account of the development of Project CURE, a racial harmony group that started shortly after the race riots between blacks & Hassidic Jews in 1991. The movie, which stars Howie Mandel as Lazerson, is based on his book, "Sharing Turf—Race Relations After the Riots of '91." The Torah and the Rebbe's role will be discussed.

God in the Wilderness (by Rabbi Jamie Korngold)

Rediscover the Spirituality of the Great Outdoors

Amy-Louise Goldberg

Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM The View

Sacred Text & Thought, Spiritual Practice

Have you ever wondered why Jews tend to pray indoors, even in nice weather, within the walls of a building? Rabbi Jamie Korngold insightfully writes that many of us actually feel closer to God when praying outside. But how do we tap into this heightened sense of spirituality? We'll consider Biblical passages and the "Adventure Rabbi's" own experience, while exploring paths we can take to integrate Jewish practices with the inherent awe we feel in nature. A lively discussion is planned.

Image and Remembrance

The Visual Representation of the Holocaust

Sarah Young

Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM Ulster

Arts & Performance, Jewish History

How can one begin to depict the scale of the mass atrocity of The Holocaust through the medium of the visual arts? Exploring artists who have worked in the media of painting, sculpture, installation and performance we will study approaches to memorializing and documenting the shoah. We will look at art work by survivors and contemporary artists who have inherited a legacy of cultural trauma and examine the moral and aesthetic questions that surround artistic representations of the Holocaust.

The Legacy of Martin Luther King

For Jews, for America, for the World

Jonathan Wolf

Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM Columbia

Social and Communal, Social Justice

Months after his memorial was opened on the National Mall, on the day after what would have been his 83rd birthday, we will consider how Dr. King and the Civil Rights movement changed our community and our country. Were Jewish organizations and leaders then as enthusiastic about his message as we recall? Who were, and are, his real Jewish allies? How must we now act to perpetuate his vision?

Weekday Morning Jewish Meditation

Larry Schwartz

Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM Orange

Spiritual Practice

Start your morning with meditation inspired by the morning prayers. We will start off with a niggun (wordless tune), sit together and start the day in a quiet and contemplative way. This session is appropriate for both beginners and experienced meditators.

Yoga for the Jewish Spirit: Shacharit Flow

Shelley Levine

Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM Hudson I

Spiritual Practice

This "Yoga for the Jewish Spirit" session is for those who want to greet the day with an invigorating yoga class. Inspired by the prayers from the morning prayer service, we will use a combination of vinyasa and other hatha influences to enhance the experience. Although all are welcome, this is a class geared to those with previous yoga experience. Please wear loose fitting clothing and bring a yoga mat if you have one.


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