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Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM

Middle School Movie Night

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:45 PM Sullivan

Children & Families

Come watch a great movie with the middle school track!

Comparing Joseph and Moses

A Study in Dealing with Galut (Diaspora)

Eli Gordon

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM The View

Sacred Text & Thought

Joseph and Moses were both prototypes of Jewish leaders in exile. There are many fascinating textual and contextual comparisons between them, with many similarities and many differences. We will discuss these in a highly interactive session, which will also include some chavruta (partner) learning. A little prior knowledge will be beneficial but not essential. All are welcome.

Drink n' Draw with Jewish Jazz

Presented by Art Kibbutz NYC

Frank London, Patricia Eszter Margit, Yona Verwer, Greg Wall, Hasidic New Wave

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Empire Lounge

Arts & Performance

Join the latest craze in the art world and experience a creative twist on your evening with Art Kibbutz NYC. Create your own art, have a drink and get inspired by Hasidic New Wave - led by Greg Wall (Ayn Sof Arkestra, 6th Street Shul) and grammy-winning trumpeter Frank London (Klezmatics). This event will be a social occasion as well as an opportunity for artists and art lovers to create sketches and practice drawing. The musicians will serve as models. Participants are invited to portray the musicians artistic exchange in their sketches, or be inspired by their music. Yona Verwer (Jewish Art Salon) will curate a pop-up exhibition from your best creations. Bring your own drawing board and art supplies – business cards or postcards to trade! All ages are welcome – you don’t have to be an artist to participate if you just wish to enjoy the music and drinks. Curated by Eszter Margit and Yona Verwer.

Exploring the Role of the Jewish Male in the 21st Century

Exploring Our Legacies

David Malchman, Lev Natan

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Hudson I

Identity & Global Culture, Social and Communal

This session will include interactive discussions regarding the role of men within their families and communities. Discussions will be through a Jewish lens, looking at Jewish texts and concepts as part of defining that role. We will discuss how people in our spheres of connection—family, friends, communities—can benefit from similar explorations. We will explore together, whether you are a young adult or elder; GBQA; single, married or divorced; a child, a parent, and all levels of observance.

The History of the Jewish Schism in Hungary

Gabor Balazs

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Orange

Identity & Global Culture, Jewish History

The session offers a historical overview of the Schism of Hungarian Jewry to different streams of Judaism, and explores Jewish identity models and ideological patterns from the 19th until the Shoa (Holocaust). Understanding the historical background will help to explain the diversity of Hungarian Jewry today.

Independent Communities and the Moishe House Model

Joshua Einstein

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Bentley's fireside

Identity & Global Culture

Moishe House is an international organization which trains, supports and sponsors young Jewish leaders as they create vibrant home-based communities. From Shabbat dinners to book clubs to sporting events, residents find ways to connect their peers with the Moishe House community using little if any traditional advertising or flyering. This scalable, grassroots approach has enabled the existing 44 houses worldwide to engage more than 40,000 attendees a year. Learn more about the Moishe House model and the four new houses opening in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Israel's Arab Citizens: Challenges & Opportunities

Chris Silver

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Dutchess


Join us for an interactive session that uses Israeli popular media to explore a history of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel, why Israel's treatment of its minority population is an issue of Jewish values and how the work of the Israeli government and the North American Jewish community on these issues is making a difference in Israel. Learn how you can become involved in what has been described as "Israel's most pressing domestic issue."

Living an Observant Life: Why Bother?

Louis Ferrante

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Columbia

Identity & Global Culture

Many often question: Why we do what we do? Why do famous Rabbis do as they do? Why Jewish texts say certain things? Louis will explain the many reasons for being an observant Jew, both for ourselves and future generations. Come and challenge him with questions as well!

Moving and Dancing the Jewish Spirit

Carole Forman

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Ballroom C

Arts & Performance

“All my bones shall say, Lord, who is like You?” Psalm 35:10 Sometimes we want to jump right out of our chair and dance in prayer with our whole being; to unite our soul with the ineffable and experience the divine deep within us. Rebbe Nachman of Bratzlav was a holy dancer who inspired his Hasidim to dance ecstatically. So, what are we waiting for? Come dressed for movement and ease. For all adults from 12 to 100. You have a soul so you can dance!

The Shabbes Jew

Benefiting from Others' Violations of Shabbat

Ethan Tucker

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Bentley's

College/University, Sacred Text & Thought

We are often in situations on Shabbat where we practice differently than others around us. In this session, we will explore the category of ma'aseh shabbat — the notion of deriving direct benefit from someone else's Shabbat violation. Does their mindset regarding their own actions make any difference? Are all violations treated the same? And how do these questions inform the ways in which we structure communities comprised of people with diverse backgrounds and practices?

Songs of Victory

Plumb the Song of the Sea to Find Your Own Voice

Minna Bromberg

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Hudson III

Sacred Text & Thought, Spiritual Practice

Our most ancient texts are victory songs. Why? Aren’t victory songs problematic? Our premise: finding your own victory songs can be a powerfully moving experience. With Shabbat Shira (Shabbat of Song) just weeks away, it’s time to prepare our voices, hearts, minds, and souls to once again stand on the shore of the sea and sing out. Come experience a unique approach to learning combining text study, singing, songwriting, and reflection. No previous experience necessary. All voices welcome!

What Is the Right Age to Start Learning Torah?

What Makes Rabbis Cry?

Lori Koffman

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Ulster

Sacred Text & Thought

Rabbi Eliezer was one of the greatest sages of the first to second century. Come and learn the midrash (rabbinic narrative) about his origins. It is a timeless tale of disappointment and dreams, jealousy and intrigue, struggle and more struggle. And it even has a fairy godfather (of the rabbinic variety, that is).


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