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Sunday 5:45 PM–7:00 PM

Sunday Dinner

Sunday 5:30 PM–7:25 PM Ballrooms A, B

Dinner is served! It's the last night of Limmud NY so sit down and enjoy dinner with your new Limmud NY friends.

“It’s Complicated”

Our Relationship Status to Social Justice & Israel

Ben Murane

Sunday 5:45 PM–7:00 PM Bentley's

Israel, Social Justice

Social justice and Israel are often polarizing and separate conversations. Israel’s Jewish character affects government policy, life-cycle events, state symbols, and everyday life for both Jews and non-Jews. What makes a state Jewish? How does that impact social justice in Israel? Where are complementing values and tensions? Explore social justice issues in America and Israel in this interactive, non-political and non-persuasive dialogue.

Building Your Limmud

Help Shape Limmud NY 2013

Katy Schwalbe

Sunday 5:45 PM–7:00 PM Hudson III

Identity & Global Culture, Social and Communal

It's never too early to start planning the next Limmud! What will your role be? Love the program but wish someone else had been on the bill? Have thoughts about how the check-in process works? Interested in having your voice be a part of the planning process? Join key members of the Limmud NY 2013 team in a conversation about what it takes to build a Limmud conference!

Create Your Own Prayer Poem, Prose or Song

Write Your Own Prayer/Midrash (Commentary)/Poem

Daniel Silverstein

Sunday 5:45 PM–7:00 PM Orange

Arts & Performance, Spiritual Practice

Yes, anyone can do this. No, you don't need any previous experience or "talent", just curiosity for finding out what is lying within yourself. The presenter will expertly guide you through the process of finding inspiration and channelling it to create your very own prayer-work masterpiece of verse, prose or music (folk, hip hop, gospel, soul, funk...). These can be either based on existing prayers or completely original, in any language and format. The presenter facilitates, you create.

The Culinary Interpretation of Haman’s Physical Features and How to Devour Them!

Full Participation/Hands-on Cooking Class

Tina Wasserman

Sunday 5:45 PM–7:00 PM Ballroom C

Identity & Global Culture, Jewish History

Come and cook some traditional Sephardi and Ashkenazi foods for Purim and find out why we really have prune filling in Hamantashen!

Engaging Israel – A Jewish and Democratic State?

A Hartman Institute Jewish Values-Based Approach

Julia Andelman

Canceled, sorry

Israel, Social Justice

The Hartman Institute’s Engaging Israel Project aims to elevate our discourse about Israel by rooting it in Jewish values rather than in a response to crisis. We will explore the issue of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state as a case study for this approach. What do a Jewish state and a democracy each entail, and how can Israel’s Jewish and democratic aspirations be integrated in the principles that govern policy? Session includes video clips of scholars including Rabbi Donniel Hartman.

Israel's Arabic Singing Jewish Musicians

The Untold Story

Chris Silver

Sunday 5:45 PM–7:00 PM Columbia

Israel, Jewish History

In the aftermath of Israel's establishment, hundreds of thousands of Jews from across North Africa and the Middle East made the Jewish state their new home. Amongst these new immigrants were some of the most famous Arabic singing musicians of their day. Israel, cut off from the Arab world, held little promise of a continued music career until a pioneering Moroccan immigrant came on the scene and began to record those around him. Learn about this untold story as Chris spins rare Israeli records.

Israeli Folk Dancing

For Intermediate and Experienced Dancers

Michal Richardson

Sunday 5:45 PM–7:00 PM Manhattan Theater


Come for your old favorites and stay for the newest hits! We will review “classic” Israeli dances and learn some of the most popular dances circulated in Israel in the present day. If you’ve enjoyed Israeli dancing at any point in the recent or distant past, come on in with your sneakers and your requests.

Joy Vey!

The Levins in Concert

Ira and Julia Levin

Sunday 5:45 PM–7:00 PM Empire Lounge

Arts & Performance

The Levins' uplifting, harmony-driven music combines a fresh revival of peace-inspired folk rock with a wistful overtone of Tin Pan Alley. Their concerts are filled with songs (in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish) that accentuate the connection between communities with a light-hearted depth that delights. Come, be happy.

Moshe ben Abraham: How I Became a Jew

Louis Ferrante

Sunday 5:45 PM–7:00 PM The View

Identity & Global Culture

In this session, Louis will chronicle his path, from growing up in Queens, New York, and becoming a Mobster for the Gambino family, to nine years in prison, to finally finding his way to Judaism.

Move Over Willy Wonka, the Jews Were Here First!

The History of Jews and the Chocolate Industry

Tina Wasserman

Canceled, sorry

Additional schedule

  • Monday 9:45 AM–11:00 AM Ballroom C

Identity & Global Culture, Jewish History

Come learn about the origins of cocoa processing and the involvement the Portuguese Jews had in developing and refining European chocolate consumption. Plus, you will get a chance to make and eat four different chocolate treats!

Queer Risings in the Torah

This Chaos Will Not Be Tamed

Jake Goodman

Sunday 5:45 PM–7:00 PM Hudson II

Identity & Global Culture, Sacred Text & Thought

Creation was an act of separating the primordial waters from water, of taming chaos to create order: this is day, this is night; this is man, this is woman; this is sacred, this is profane. But chaos is never fully vanquished, emerging to create some rather queer risings in the lives of our ancestors: Jacob dons fur to play a man, Tamar plays a whore to earn respect. How might our lives be different, even healthier, if we stopped trying to tame our own queer (but not necessarily gay) risings?

ReVerse, ReVerb, and ReNoun

A Close-up Encounter With the Art and Craft of Translating Sacred Texts

Isaac Shalev

Sunday 5:45 PM–7:00 PM Hudson I

Sacred Text & Thought

At the heart of Storahtelling's Maven Method is translation. Since the time of Ezra, teachers and students have translated the Torah from Hebrew into the vernacular. Join us as we explore translations from the ancient to the modern, and from the literal to the fantastic. Then, take up your feathered quill, your ball-point pen, or your laptop or iPad, and craft your own translation of select verses. Discover the power and the struggle of turning words into meaning.

Saving African Lives with Israeli Innovation:

How Israeli Technologies are Lighting a Continent

Rachel Ishofsky

Sunday 5:45 PM–7:00 PM Ulster

Israel, Social Justice

Jewish Heart for Africa is a nonprofit organization that brings sustainable Israeli technologies to African villages. This interactive session will explore the many challenges facing developing communities, and the solutions to be found in Israeli technologies. Since its founding in 2008, Jewish Heart for Africa has completed 47 solar and agricultural projects in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi, and Uganda, impacting the lives of over 200,000 people.

You Can Be a Philanthropist, Too. Yes, You!

Naomi Skop Richter

Sunday 5:45 PM–7:00 PM Bentley's fireside

Children & Families, College/University, Social Justice

This session, geared towards High School students, will allow participants to engage with Jewish texts about tzedakah (charity) and think about their own tzedakah priorities. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the work of a few non-profit organizations and with funds provided by the Jewish Teen Funders Network, will make allocations with real money. Participants are encouraged to bring an optional contribution of $18 to the tzedakah pool. No contribution is needed to participate. Check out a parallel session of values exploration for Children "Values Auction with Amy Skopp Cooper!"

Friends of Bill W.

Sunday 5:45 PM–7:00 PM Sullivan

This is a closed 12 step meeting for people who are already in any 12 step program, or if they think they might have an addiction problem,or have a friend or relative with an addiction to anything.


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