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Sunday 4:20 PM–5:35 PM


Sunday 5:00 PM–7:00 PM Pool

Children & Families

Come enjoy the pool as a family! Lifeguard on duty!

Sunday Dinner

Sunday 5:30 PM–7:25 PM Ballrooms A, B

Dinner is served! It's the last night of Limmud NY so sit down and enjoy dinner with your new Limmud NY friends.

Captain Tree and the Sephardic Rubber Chicken of Freedom

Join Jewish Singing-Storytellers — Interactive Fun!

Ira and Julia Levin

Sunday 4:20 PM–5:20 PM Sullivan

Arts & Performance, Children & Families

The Levins' Family Concert: Join singing-storytellers, Ira and Julia Levin, sharing the joy of Jewish wisdom through interactive stories and songs. Oh, and with super heroes like Captain Tree, the Sephardic Rubber Chicken of Freedom, and Ruby the Rescue Cow, of course! Plus, there will be a special nod to Tu B'Shvat!

Debating the Jewish Vote

Presented by The Forward

Samuel Norich, Josh Nathan Kazis

Sunday 4:20 PM–5:35 PM Bentley's

Identity & Global Culture

Republican hopefuls aim to win over a chunk of the 78% of Jewish voters who lined up behind Obama in 2008. Will American Jews, driven by anxiety over the president's sometimes-rocky relationship with Israel, turn toward the Republicans in significant numbers? And what about the major Jewish donors whose enthusiasm and cash played a major role in Obama's last campaign? Join Samuel Norich, publisher of the Jewish Daily Forward, and Forward staff writer Josh Nathan-Kazis for an informal conversation about the presidential race and the Jewish vote.

Deborah: The Power of Prophecy and Song

Rachel Friedman

Sunday 4:20 PM–5:35 PM Empire Lounge

Sacred Text & Thought

Deborah is the only woman in the Bible whose leadership role is defined with respect to no one other than herself. This class will explore and contrast the biblical and rabbinic portraits of Deborah as a leader, a woman and a human being.

Disturbing Biblical Texts

Ora Prouser

Sunday 4:20 PM–5:35 PM Hudson II

Sacred Text & Thought

Many biblical texts are difficult to read from modern moral and ethical perspectives. In this session we will look at texts such as The Akedah (Binding of Isaac), the story of Hagar, and the prophet Hosea, which raise difficulties for modern readers. What do we do with these texts that are so painful? How can we understand them and teach them to our children? We will struggle with these and other questions in this session.

Gratitude: What Does Judaism Have to Say? (World Premiere)

Jewish Food for Thought: The Animated Series

Hanan Harchol, Leora Kaye

Sunday 4:20 PM–5:35 PM Dutchess

Arts & Performance, Sacred Text & Thought

What is the relationship between gratitude and happiness? Why is gratitude so important? And, what does religion have to say about it? Does Judaism say anything unexpected? Find out in the world premiere of the funny, engaging, and thought-provoking animated short, “You Can Dance,” part of the innovative new animated series on Jewish wisdom: “Jewish Food for Thought.” Hanan Harchol, creator of the series, and Rabbi Leora Kaye, author of the companion study guides, will discuss the impetus behind this exciting project and the tremendous impact it is having across the country and beyond. They will discuss their creative process, the arguments they have over finding the right tone, and the ways they look to you to continue the work. Come to one session in the series; or even better, come to all three! (This session was made possible by funds from The Covenant Foundation.)

Is a Jewish and Democratic State Really Possible?

Ariel Picard

Sunday 4:20 PM–5:35 PM Ulster


The state of Israel defines itself as a Jewish and democratic state. What does that mean? What are the fundamental conflicts in Israel regarding this issue and how might they be resolved? What are the fundamental conflicts in Israel regarding conversion, marriage, and religious freedom? What might be the role of Jews in the diaspora in making possible the dream of a Jewish democratic state?

The Karaite Jews of Egypt & the Demise of the Communities of Christendom

Eli'ezer ben Efraim Gayer

Sunday 4:20 PM–5:35 PM Hudson III

Identity & Global Culture, Jewish History

This session will explore the history of the Karaite Jews of Egypt 1882-1986 and the disintegration of the Karaite communities of Crimea.

Moshe Rabbenu (Moses our Teacher) or Prince of Egypt?

Killing the Egyptian with a Word

Simi Peters

Sunday 4:20 PM–5:35 PM Bentley's fireside

Sacred Text & Thought, Spiritual Practice

How do the Rabbis relate to Moshe's slaying of the Egyptian in the second chapter of Exodus? And why should their interpretation matter to us today?

My Four Greatest Insights in Forty Years of Torah Study

Yitzhak Buxbaum

Sunday 4:20 PM–5:35 PM Ballroom C

Sacred Text & Thought

After studying Torah for forty years and writing ten books four insights stand out. The questions: What actually is the “divine image”? / How could Abraham and God conspire to sacrifice Isaac? Were they both crazy? / The popular story of Two Brothers and the Temple Site is found in Muslim, Christian, and Korean versions! Is it a Jewish story at all? / What is the real meaning of Chad Gadya in the Haggadah? The answers will blow your mind, open your heart, and thrill your soul.

The Passover Seder

It isn't Just for Jews Anymore!!

Cyndi Rand

Sunday 4:20 PM–5:35 PM Hudson I

Social and Communal

This mini-Seder, intended to foster inclusivity, is modeled after the Y's multicultural, interfaith seder. Cyndi will distribute her Haggadah, which is designed to reflect the greater multicultural, interfaith community. The goal of this session is to facilitate realization that all share the same God, and that Jewish values are relevant for all.

Pesach: Sing It! Dance It! Enact It! Write It!

Use Integrative Arts to Enhance Pesach Enjoyment

Aliya Cheskis-Cotel

Sunday 4:20 PM–5:35 PM Manhattan Theater

Arts & Performance, Spiritual Practice

From the desert to the sea, from slavery to freedom. Journeys and transitions, experience the Exodus, recreate the journey. Gather the sparks of creativity in this interactive workshop through song, bibliodrama, dance, and creative writing. Join this multidimensional collaborative experience — learn to weave four different arts together in recreating the Pesach story!

Radical Jewish Art and Community

Presented by Art Kibbutz NYC

Marc Michael Epstein, Frank London, Patricia Eszter Margit, Greg Wall, Yona Verwer

Sunday 4:20 PM–5:35 PM Columbia

Arts & Performance

Three Jewish cultural organization’s leaders discuss how their work creates community and encourages diversity, understanding, action, outstanding artistic expression, collaboration and new ways to connect to Jewish identity through art. Panelists share their experiences about inspiring, innovative and relevant projects that foster 21st century Jewish culture and creativity. Highlights include Art Kibbutz’s Shofar FlashMob, Jewish Art Salon’s Dura Europos, and a Jewish literacy project at The Sixth Street Community Synagogue, plus Pioneers for Cure.

Veshinantam Levanekha (Teach Them to Your Children)

How to Learn Torah with your Kids

Eden Migdal, Ethan Tucker, Yitzhak Tucker

Sunday 4:20 PM–5:35 PM The View

Children & Families, Sacred Text & Thought

In this session--*geared to adults*--we will model how we learn Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible) in our house several nights a week. We will pick a few model passages from our weekly Torah reading to demonstrate our method: 1) Hearing the text of the Tanakh in the original; 2) Translation and explanation; 3) Discussion and analysis. This session will work with an 8- and 6-year old, but the method is appropriate starting at age 3.

The White Elephant in the Closet

Jewish Genetic Disease

Sivya Twersky

Sunday 4:20 PM–5:35 PM Orange

Identity & Global Culture

The who, what, when, why and where of genetic testing. TSD, GATC, BRCA, GINA: Make sense of the genetic alphabet. Are there really Jewish genetic diseases? Why is my family history important? What are your options?


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