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Friday 12:50 PM–1:50 PM

Friday Lunch

Friday 11:30 AM–1:30 PM Ballroom A

Your nametag will indicate if you have purchased a lunch. Welcome to Limmud NY!

The Jewish Concept of a Soulmate

What Does it Mean to Have a Basherte (soulmate)?

Amy-Louise Goldberg

Friday 12:50 PM–1:50 PM Empire Lounge

Sacred Text & Thought

We've all heard people talk about finding their "soulmate." But what does that really mean? How does Judaism view the process of connecting with our "basherte?" Is it within our power to seek him/her out, or must we wait for God to make it happen in His own time? In a lively, interactive discussion, we'll explore our beliefs about these topics, learn about Jewish/Kabbalistic perspectives on the subject, and identify ways to more readily connect with our supposed lifelong partner.

Jewish Education in Israel: Challenges and Achievements

Ariel Picard

Friday 12:50 PM–1:50 PM Orange

What is Jewish-Israeli culture? What is the philosophy and pedagogy of secular Jewish education in Israel and how does it determine the Jewish cultural identity of non-orthodox Israelis? This session will explore various approaches and model some exciting new possibilities.

The Kids are Alright

Why Anti-Israel Speech on Campus isn't the Problem

David A.M. Wilensky

Canceled, sorry

Additional schedule

  • Saturday 7:30 PM–8:30 PM Bentley's

Identity & Global Culture, Israel

You've heard all about the rampant anti-Semitism, anti-Israel speech and civil rights abuses on American college campuses. From the editor of New Voices, the national Jewish student magazine, come hear why all of that is a gross distortion. We'll discuss the real problem facing Jewish students: an atmosphere promoted by the highest levels of American Jewish communal leadership that stifles debate and silences dissent. And then we'll all make nice and hug it out.

Let Him Kiss Me with the Kisses of His Mouth

Gauguin's Song of Songs

Samuel Klein

Friday 12:50 PM–1:50 PM Dutchess

Arts & Performance

Post-Impressionist painters used vivid colors, thick application of paint, distinctive brush strokes, and distorted forms for expressive effect, mixing up the subject matter in fantastical, primitive forms. In this discussion circle, focusing on the art of Paul Gauguin, we will explore themes of love and intimacy in the text and texture of the 'Song of Songs'—making elastic the boundaries of the traditional ….

Love, Loss, and Lies

Study in the Personality of Leah, our Matriarch

Eli Gordon

Friday 12:50 PM–1:50 PM Ulster

Sacred Text & Thought

Come learn about the fascinating textual insight into the personality of Leah, our Matriarch. The session is highly interactive and includes some textual chavruta (partner) study. The session will be interesting for all! A little prior knowledge would be beneficial, but not at all essential.

Storytelling with the Whole Body Workshop

Carole Forman

Friday 12:50 PM–1:50 PM Bentley's

Arts & Performance

This master class in storytelling for beginning as well as experienced tellers, puts the emphasis on freeing and using the body. We'll use movement, body and breath awareness, expressiveness, letting go, creativity, vocal release, and honoring our impulses. Dress in clothing that allows you to roll on the rug in the warm-up and move easily. Stories will be provided.

The Mitzvah of Challah

A Glutinous Hands-"In" Workshop with Text Study

Michael Weis

Friday 1:45 PM–2:45 PM Sullivan

Children & Families, Identity & Global Culture

In this workshop, you will prepare your very own challah for Shabbat dinner under the guidance of a master challah baker. While your challah is rising and baking, we'll engage in some text study and enjoy some stories about one of the most tactile and memorable Shabbat mitzvot.


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