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Hungary: A Return Home After 60 Years

Jennifer Gersch, Marianna Gersch

Identity & Global Culture, Jewish History

Hear from a first and second generation survivor, a mother and daughter, who recently ventured back to the mother’s birthplace after a 60-year absence. Hear how their different upbringings affected their perspectives, their relationships to Hungary and to the past.

Jennifer Gersch


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Never missing a beat or a Limmud NY conference, Jennifer Gersch is back for her 8th experience. Her likes range from photography, painting and singing to tap dance, running, travel and Broadway musicals. A three-time ING NYC Marathon veteran, she has been lauded by Marty Markowitz for her fundraising efforts, most recently for the Blue Card Fund, which supports Holocaust survivors in the United States.

Marianna Gersch

Telephone: 212-473-3240

Marianna Gersch was born in Debrecen, Hungary and returned there for the first time in more than 50 years in 2011. A New Yorker since 1957, she is currently a member of the Hungarian Hidden Children of New York and the New York Jewish Historical Society. She is a contributing writer of the book Remember Us. She is a Limmud NY volunteer for the seventh year and is looking forward to presenting, Marianna had her debut on Good Morning America on Election Day, 2008.

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