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Veshinantam Levanekha (Teach Them to Your Children)
How to Learn Torah with your Kids

Eden Migdal, Ethan Tucker, Yitzhak Tucker

Children & Families, Sacred Text & Thought

In this session--*geared to adults*--we will model how we learn Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible) in our house several nights a week. We will pick a few model passages from our weekly Torah reading to demonstrate our method: 1) Hearing the text of the Tanakh in the original; 2) Translation and explanation; 3) Discussion and analysis. This session will work with an 8- and 6-year old, but the method is appropriate starting at age 3.

Eden Migdal

Eden is a third grader at Kinneret Day School. She loves dancing, reading and studying Torah.

Ethan Tucker

Mechon Hadar

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Ethan Tucker is a co-founder of Yeshivat Hadar, where he teaches Talmud and Jewish Law, and is also a faculty member at the Drisha Institute for Jewish Education, where he teaches Talmud and Jewish Law in the Drisha Scholars Circle. Ethan was ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel after years of study at Yeshivat Ma'ale Gilboa, and earned a PhD in Talmud and Rabbinics from the Jewish Theological Seminary. Ethan is a Jewish Social Entrepreneurial Fellow with The Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

Yitzhak Tucker

Yitzhak is a first grader at Kinneret Day School. He loves sports, chess, reading and studying Torah.

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