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The History of the Jewish Schism in Hungary

Gabor Balazs

Identity & Global Culture, Jewish History

The session offers a historical overview of the Schism of Hungarian Jewry to different streams of Judaism, and explores Jewish identity models and ideological patterns from the 19th until the Shoa (Holocaust). Understanding the historical background will help to explain the diversity of Hungarian Jewry today.

Gabor Balazs

Limmud Hungary

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Balázs Gábor received his PhD at Bar Ilan University in Israel. He teaches Jewish and general Philosophy at the University of Szeged located in Hungary. His research is mainly focused on Ethics and Political Philosophy, Israel Studies, and Contemporary Theories of Jewish Identity. He is a board member of Limmud Hungary, former director of the Israeli Cultural Institute in Budapest, and former headmaster of the school of the Orthodox Jewish Community of Hungary.

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