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The Story of Hebrew
3,000 Years of Continuity as Seen through Hebrew

Joel Hoffman

Jewish History, Sacred Text & Thought

The story of Hebrew mirrors the epic of the continuity of the Jewish people, starting 3,000 years ago when an early experiment in writing led to the first written Hebrew. Then, two dialects were used for the Bible, a third dialect for our liturgy, and after over 1,000 years of not being spoken, a fourth dialect arose in modern Israel. Come learn how Hebrew began, how it has changed, and how it is still the same.

Joel Hoffman

Joel Hoffman

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Joel M. Hoffman, Ph.D., who specializes in translation, Hebrew, and the Bible, is known for his "fresh insights and interpretations about religious life in the 21st century." A popular speaker, Hoffman presents to synagogues, churches, community groups, and university audiences across the world. He holds a Ph.D. in linguistics and has served on the faculties of Brandeis University and HUC-JIR. His latest book, And God Said, explores how translation mistakes conceal the Bible's original meaning.

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