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Amy-Louise Goldberg

A life-long nature lover and spiritual Jew, Amy-Louise grew up at Jewish summer camps among green trees, rolling hills and the Pacific Ocean. Her interests in Zen, The Tao and Jewish Spirituality in Nature (captured by Rabbi Jamie Korngold in God in The Wilderness) keep her constantly learning and growing as a Jew. She enjoys any afternoon spent white-water rafting, snorkeling or walking on the beach collecting shells.

The Jewish Concept of a Soulmate

What Does it Mean to Have a Basherte (soulmate)?

Sacred Text & Thought

We've all heard people talk about finding their "soulmate." But what does that really mean? How does Judaism view the process of connecting with our "basherte?" Is it within our power to seek him/her out, or must we wait for God to make it happen in His own time? In a lively, interactive discussion, we'll explore our beliefs about these topics, learn about Jewish/Kabbalistic perspectives on the subject, and identify ways to more readily connect with our supposed lifelong partner.

God in the Wilderness (by Rabbi Jamie Korngold)

Rediscover the Spirituality of the Great Outdoors

Sacred Text & Thought, Spiritual Practice

Have you ever wondered why Jews tend to pray indoors, even in nice weather, within the walls of a building? Rabbi Jamie Korngold insightfully writes that many of us actually feel closer to God when praying outside. But how do we tap into this heightened sense of spirituality? We'll consider Biblical passages and the "Adventure Rabbi's" own experience, while exploring paths we can take to integrate Jewish practices with the inherent awe we feel in nature. A lively discussion is planned.


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