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Ari Wallach

Synthesis Corp.

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Ari Wallach is the founder of Synthesis Corp., a consulting firm that provides strategic counsel converging at the intersection of memes, technology and innovation. Clients include CNN, UNHCR, Tides, US State Department & the Ford Foundation. He was the co-founder of The Great Shlep, founder of re:think media, and director and founder of INFORUM, one of the largest non-partisan public affairs forums for young people. He lives on the UWS with his wife, Sharon and twin daughters Ruby & Eliana.

Can we Discuss Israel Without Being Babies?

Is there Something Besides a Pro vs. Con Frame?

Identity & Global Culture, Israel

When the topic of Israel comes up, be it at Temple, Federation, school or the dinner table, the conversation often turns heated - you are either with Israel or against. Is it possible for there to be a non-binary platform for those in the middle? At the end of the day, only a small percent of Jews are in the ZOA, AIPAC, J Street or other organized "Israel camp." Most people just opt-out because they do not want to be in the firestorm that is the "Israel conversation." Is another way possible? Let's see!

The (Ideal) Future for Jewish Education

Community, Technology, and Spirit

David Ingber, Saul Kaiserman, Ari Wallach

Identity & Global Culture

Join us as a leading Jewish educator, innovative thought-leader, and rabbi of a fast-growing start-up temple—all of whom are parents—discuss the kind of education they dream about for their own families as well as for the Jewish community at large. As a workshop, panelists will share their visions for the future and their concerns about getting there—and then, all assembled will help construct, ideate, challenge, and/or debate what an ideal Jewish education could and should be in the future.


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