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Stereo Sinai


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Stereo Sinai steals lyrics from God. Their heretical combination of ancient holy tongues and blasphemous backbeats is the Good Book like you've never heard it before. If Kelly Clarkson and a-ha had been on the mountain with Moses, they would have come down sounding a lot like Stereo Sinai. The duo, singer/songwriter Miriam Brosseau and songwriter/producer Alan Jay Sufrin, recently released their debut double album, "Biblegum Pop" and "The Revelation Will Not Be Televised."

Party Like it's 2448

Stereo Sinai Live!

Arts & Performance

"The Revelation Will Not Be Televised" tour rocks Limmud NY! Stereo Sinai has been hailed by critics as "ethereal," "compelling," "one of the most innovative new bands on the Jewish music scene," and "relentlessly cute." Shemspeed.com says their biblegum pop sound is "exactly what their name suggests: stereophonic goodness filled with rich messages reminiscent of the wisdom given down at Sinai." Join Stereo Sinai for a high-energy show and party like it's 2448!

We Steal Lyrics from God

Stereo Sinai Live!

Arts & Performance, Sacred Text & Thought

It's all the awesomeness of a face-melting Stereo Sinai show, plus the mind-blowing learning experience you've come to expect from Limmud NY. Debrief after our concert as we dig deep into the concepts behind the "biblegum pop" brand of musical midrash (okay, it's not "midrash (codified commentary)," it's "drasha (evolving commentary)," you hipster). Come with Stereo Sinai as they take you on the journey from sacred source to blasphemous backbeats. And back.

Biblegum Pop

Biblical Themes and Characters in Pop Music

Identity & Global Culture, Sacred Text & Thought

Explore how biblical characters and themes show up in pop music - everything from KISS to Hilary Duff - and how those interpretations color, and are colored by, the original texts. Challenge the boundaries between ancient and modern, authentic and synthetic, all from the musical perspective. Join Jewish rockers Miriam Brosseau and Alan Jay Sufrin of Stereo Sinai as we get up close and personal with our favorite biblical personalities and unearth the unexpected depth of pop culture.

V'nahafochu (Flip it Upside Down)

Demons, Angels, & Shapeshifters in the Purim Story

Arts & Performance, Sacred Text & Thought

The mystical, hyperbolic power of Stereo Sinai's music to dispel demons will be put to the test... Take an unexpected look at the midrashic works which fill in the gaps in the Megillah with an intriguing cast of characters. Our learning will also be accompanied by a few thumpin' Stereo Sinai songs to ward off demons, honor Esther, and celebrate Purim.


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