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Isaac Shalev


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Isaac Shalev is the Executive Director of Storahtelling, a New-York based educational organization. Before coming to Storahtelling, Isaac worked at leading institutions including Birthright Israel NEXT, Hillel, and Yeshiva University, helping to spark new initiatives and build sustainable organizations. Isaac has also taught and lectured at JCCs, synagogues, Hebrew schools, and professional conferences. He lives in Stamford, CT, with his wife Taryn and their two sons.

Sh'ma Yisrael! ("Hear o Israel!")

Hear the Missing Voices in our Most Famous Tales

Arts & Performance, Sacred Text & Thought

Sh'ma - listening - is at the heart of the Jewish experience. But what should we listen to? Use Sotrahtelling's Maven Method to listen to the still, small, hidden and forgotten voices in our most famous texts and stories. We'll learn to find voices that have too often been ignored and bring them to life. Together we'll see how their perspectives can enrich our own experience of the text and its relevance to our contemporary lives and choices.

Beit Midrash - Beit Teffilah (House of Study - House of Prayer)

Contemporary Visions for the Ancient Synagogue

Amichai Lau-Lavie, Isaac Shalev

Social and Communal, Spiritual Practice

Join Storahtelling Founding Director Amichai Lau-Lavie and Executive Director Isaac Shalev in a freewheeling conversation about the changing nature of synagogues, Jewish community, prayer, and study. Be part of the conversation and raise your own voice as we challenge ourselves to reinvent and renew our commitments to our ancient heritage and contemporary community.

The Life and Times of Damesek Eliezer


Identity & Global Culture, Sacred Text & Thought

Eliezer. A mighty warrior who led Abraham's men against four kings. A sage counselor who stood to inherit Abraham's temporal and spiritual kingdoms. A man who entered Gan Eden alive. Eliezer. Abraham's slave. A man Abraham describes as cursed and untouchable. The king of one of Israel's oldest foes. Explore the diverse Midrashic stories and interpretations about Eliezer, and learn how Storahtelling's Mavens craft memorable characters out of this tapestry of interpretive possibilities.

ReVerse, ReVerb, and ReNoun

A Close-up Encounter With the Art and Craft of Translating Sacred Texts

Sacred Text & Thought

At the heart of Storahtelling's Maven Method is translation. Since the time of Ezra, teachers and students have translated the Torah from Hebrew into the vernacular. Join us as we explore translations from the ancient to the modern, and from the literal to the fantastic. Then, take up your feathered quill, your ball-point pen, or your laptop or iPad, and craft your own translation of select verses. Discover the power and the struggle of turning words into meaning.


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