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Daniel Sieradski


Daniel Sieradski is a cause media entrepreneur with over a decade's experience in social innovation and cause marketing within the Jewish nonprofit sector. He is presently the sole proprietor of The Self Agency, Ltd., a boutique digital agency, director of Jew It Yourself: The Every Day Guide to Do-It-Yourself Jewish Living and a co-organizer of Occupy Judaism. He is also a writer, photographer and artist whose work explores themes of post-normative Jewish cultural expression.

Occupying Judaism

Jewish Values and Occupy Wall Street

Sacred Text & Thought, Social Justice

On the eve of Yom Kippur 5772, over 1,000 Jews descended on lower Manhattan to fast and pray in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests, giving birth to a movement known as Occupy Judaism. Hear from one of Occupy Judaism's core organizers about Jewish values, ethics, and activism in relation to Occupy Wall Street and their efforts to turn the movement's critiques of wealth and power back on the Jewish establishment.

The Forbidden Tree of Knowledge

Psychedelics & the Bible

Identity & Global Culture, Jewish History

Could the origins of human intelligence, spirituality and civilization lie within a mushroom? And could a halakhic framework for ritual consciousness exploration help stem the tide of drug abuse? Explore the "stoned ape" theory of human evolution and its implications for Jewish civilization and examine allusions to mind altering substances in the the Torah and hasidic literature that may just explain some of our tradition's greatest mysteries and provide a framework for sensible drug policy.


Transhumanism and the Dystopian Jewish Future

Identity & Global Culture

Technological disruptions have, in the last decade, upended countless industries – most notably entertainment and news media – leaving business leaders scrambling to preserve their dying models. Could the same be in store for religion as well? Learn how advancements in neuroscience and neurotheology could render Judaism obsolete in the coming future.


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