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Marianna Gersch

Telephone: 212-473-3240

Marianna Gersch was born in Debrecen, Hungary and returned there for the first time in more than 50 years in 2011. A New Yorker since 1957, she is currently a member of the Hungarian Hidden Children of New York and the New York Jewish Historical Society. She is a contributing writer of the book Remember Us. She is a Limmud NY volunteer for the seventh year and is looking forward to presenting, Marianna had her debut on Good Morning America on Election Day, 2008.

Hungary: A Return Home After 60 Years

Jennifer Gersch, Marianna Gersch

Identity & Global Culture, Jewish History

Hear from a first and second generation survivor, a mother and daughter, who recently ventured back to the mother’s birthplace after a 60-year absence. Hear how their different upbringings affected their perspectives, their relationships to Hungary and to the past.


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