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Minna Bromberg


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Minna Bromberg received her ordination from Hebrew College, and currently serves as the Rabbi of Kesher Zion Synagogue, Reading, PA. Having heard the cry of the Song of Songs, “Hashmini” (Let me hear you!), she is compelled to use techniques of singing and songwriting to enable people to connect and contribute to Jewish learning and understanding. Minna considers herself an innovative and integrative educator, and has worked in many settings with many types of learners.

Songs of Victory

Plumb the Song of the Sea to Find Your Own Voice

Sacred Text & Thought, Spiritual Practice

Our most ancient texts are victory songs. Why? Aren’t victory songs problematic? Our premise: finding your own victory songs can be a powerfully moving experience. With Shabbat Shira (Shabbat of Song) just weeks away, it’s time to prepare our voices, hearts, minds, and souls to once again stand on the shore of the sea and sing out. Come experience a unique approach to learning combining text study, singing, songwriting, and reflection. No previous experience necessary. All voices welcome!


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