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Claudia Kreiman

Temple Beth Zion (Brookline, MA)

Claudia Kreiman is Temple Beth Zion’s Associate Rabbi in Brookline, MA. Originally from Chile, lived in Argentina and Israel. Ordained by the Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies in 2002, Claudia was the first Rabbi for NOAM, the Masorti-Conservative Youth Movement in Israel. She was also an Israeli Rabbinic Fellow of BJ, NY. Prior to TBZ, Claudia was the Jewish Studies director at JCDS in Watertown. MA. Claudia is married to Ebn Leader and they have a daughter, Alma.

Friday Night Tisch!

A Table of Shabbat Singing and Storytelling

David Ingber, Claudia Kreiman, Shmuel Skaist


Tisch (Yiddish for table) is the Hasidic custom of gathering around a table to share songs, words, and drinks. Come with your whole self and be moved into the full Shabbat experience with your fellow brothers and sisters. Note: Alcohol will be available at the Tisch (only for participants who are 21 years of age and older).

Prayer: A Journey of the Heart, or a Burden?

Thinking, Struggling and Learning about T'filah (Prayer)

Sacred Text & Thought, Spiritual Practice

The tension between keva (set prayer) and kavanna (intention) is central to the experience of tfilah (prayer) and is discussed at length in our tradition. In this class we will study texts that address these concepts, and apply them to our personal experience of tfilah. We will focus on what kavanna means when we pray, and how this is reflected in our prayer practices.

Dealing with Loss

An Experiential Analysis of Mourning Traditions

Sacred Text & Thought, Spiritual Practice

This session will focus on learning and understanding customs of avelut (mourning) and on different traditions of dealing with loss. The session will merge textual study and my own experience of mourning for my mother, who was killed in the bombing of the AMIA building (the center of the Jewish community) in Argentina in 1994.

My Big Fat Glatt Kosher Gay Jewish Wedding

Claudia Kreiman, Amichai Lau-Lavie

Identity & Global Culture, Spiritual Practice

With New York as the newest state to legalize LGBT weddings, the Jewish community is faced with a growing creative challenge: creating wedding rituals that celebrate same sex couples and exist within normative and halachic (jewish legal) frameworks. How different or similar to the heterosexual model can these new rituals be? What is at stake? What are some successful models? Join Claudia Kreiman, Amichai Lau-Lavie, and guest teachers to grapple with these questions at an interactive study session focusing on core texts and sample ketubot (marriage contracts).


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