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Sam Feinsmith

Chicagoland Jewish High School

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Sam Feinsmith teaches Judaic Studies and coordinates Jewish Life at Chicagoland Jewish High School, Illinois. He holds degrees from Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School and Jewish Theological Seminary. Passionate about prayer and contemplative Jewish practice, he served as a consultant on a number of innovative prayer and minyan-related projects, and has conducted Jewish meditation workshops for teens and adults. As a tikkun olam ambassador, he served as an AJWS Kol Tzedek Fellow and volunteered in Asia and Central America.

You Have Been Sitting in the Valley of Tears for Too Long

Elevating the Week, Entering Fully into Shabbat.


The Kabbalists call the six days of the week Alma De'peruda (the World of Duality), while they describe Shabbat as Alma De'yechidaah (the World of Unity). Explore the relationship between these two worlds in your own life as you learn how to meditatively integrate the varieties of your weekday experience with the unity of Shabbat.

'Four-Worlds' Teaching

A Kabbalistic Framework for Multiple Intelligence

Sacred Text & Thought, Spiritual Practice

Develop concrete practices for teaching Jewish text and prayer in a manner that allows students to find personal expression, understand and celebrate their unique intelligence, and experience themselves as integrated beings by employing the Kabbalistic 'Four Worlds' model. Participants will work in small groups to craft learning activities based on the 'Four Worlds' model.

Community-Wide Havdalah

Sam Feinsmith, Shai Held, Shoshana Jedwab, Ebn Leader, Ira and Julia Levin, Michal Richardson


Warm your body and soul at this sweet and lively Havdalah (closing Shabbat) event. We will celebrate the community we have built together over this Shabbat and transition into the second half of Limmud NY, and a new week!

Torah from the Mountain, Torah from the Well

Sacred Text & Thought, Spiritual Practice

What does it mean to really receive the Torah? From where does it emerge? Classical Jewish texts present us with two complimentary yet sometimes conflicting models — Torah from the Mountain, Torah from the well; the Torah of Moses and the Torah of the Patriarchs. Both models will be used to explore our own relationship with the manifold nature of Divine wisdom, and to illuminate the nature of our quest to harmonize our textual tradition with our personal intuition.


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