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Jake Goodman

Educator & Activist, Founding Member of Queer Rising

Jake is an educator and activist, primarily within the Jewish and queer worlds. He is a founding member of Queer Rising (a grassroots organization demanding queer rights through direct action), an educator/artist at the 14th Street Y, and Storahtelling's past AD. He has taught at JCCs, seminaries, camps and synagogues across the country, and is currently a monthly blogger for Sh'ma Online.

Organizing (With Teeth) For Social Change, 101

How to Plan an Effective and Fierce Direct Action

Social Justice

Emma Goldman. Abraham Joshua Heschel. Andrew Goodman. Bella Abzug. Larry Kramer. Naomi Wolf. Abbie Hoffman. Stuart Appelbaum. YOU? Jewish people have long been at the forefront of almost every social and human rights movement—and now it is your turn. Attend this workshop to learn the basic practical skills of organizing for social change, so that you can organize with confidence, act with impact, and include yourself in this part of our heritage’s proud history.

Queer Risings in the Torah

This Chaos Will Not Be Tamed

Identity & Global Culture, Sacred Text & Thought

Creation was an act of separating the primordial waters from water, of taming chaos to create order: this is day, this is night; this is man, this is woman; this is sacred, this is profane. But chaos is never fully vanquished, emerging to create some rather queer risings in the lives of our ancestors: Jacob dons fur to play a man, Tamar plays a whore to earn respect. How might our lives be different, even healthier, if we stopped trying to tame our own queer (but not necessarily gay) risings?

You Cannot Blame Religion for Queerphobia!

(Methinks the Lady Doth Protest Too Much)

Social Justice

Why are so many of our LGBT (queer) youth committing suicide? Why are so many parents rejecting their queer kids and throwing them onto the street, to such an extent that up to 40% of all homeless youth are queer? For many, it is too painful to admit that the number one source of both of these epidemics is a long history of intolerance and hateful rhetoric by religious leaders and adherents. Take part in a frank discussion of our own role, culpability, and responsibility. Help brainstorm, what can we do?


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