2010 Conference
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Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM


Monday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM Ballroom A

Good morning! Meet your fellow participants at Breakfast. Please note that breakfast ends at 9:30 AM.

Aliyah: The Energy or Drain of the Diaspora

Marc Rosenberg

Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM The View

Global History & Culture, Israel

Let's discuss one of the most taboo topics in the Jewish world: Should communities support Aliyah or will that spell the end of their strong base of support? Through brief historical survey and some textual examples, we will develop an analytical understanding of the complex bond between Diaspora Jewry and the State of Israel and the Aliyah that holds them together.

Community Art: Concrete Sculpture and Murals

Ellen Alt

Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM Dutchess

Arts & Performance, Interactive, Israel

Ellen Alt facilitates community art projects throughout the world. She uses art and the creative process to work with groups of people to improve their physical spaces and also to foster tolerance between adversarial groups. While living in Israel, she organized projects between Jewish and Arab residents. Her most recent project was a mural in a special education school in Chennai, India. Come see this visual presentation of her artwork.

Envisioning a Healthy Jewish Sex Ethic

Sara Hurwitz

Canceled, sorry

Additional schedule

  • Saturday 3:00 PM–4:15 PM Ulster

Text & Thought

Talking about sex is thought to be one of the last taboo topics in traditional Judaism. But, upon closer examination, the Bible and Talmud are filled with stories and advice about sex. What are the Biblical, Rabbinic, and Modern approaches to sex and relationships? Do chazal (the sages) convey a sex-positive or negative approach to relationships?

Freedom to Love: The Song of Songs in Biblical, Rabbinic, Mystical, and Modern Perspectives IV

Session 4: The Song of Songs in Present-Day Readings

Jonah Chanan Steinberg

Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM Columbia

Text & Thought

From William Blake to Kate Bush, the Artscroll Siddur to Sinead O'Connor, the Parvarim to Ilana Pardes, Judy Chicago and the world of Collegiate Jewish a Capella music, we explore echoes and interpretations of the Song of Songs in the poetry, scholarship, activism, religion, graphic art and song of more recent times. We see the wide range of spiritual and sociological agendas that find inspiration in our ancient legacy of audacious love-poetry. Take this one session or the whole series.

Kabbalah Yoga

Gabrielle Casper, Jeff Casper

Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM Aerobics Room

Movement, Spirituality & Mindfulness, Text & Thought

Kabbalah and Yoga share similar insights into the nature of reality and how best to attune oneself with the flow of Life. In these sessions, we will combine simple yoga asanas with essential breath work, Kabbalistic chants and meditations. We will also focus on “sutras” from the core Kabbalistic texts in order to deepen the unifying effect of the practice in our bodies, minds and hearts.

Moving Beyond "Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue"

Lisa Exler

Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM Outside library

How-To, Identity & Responsibility

Jewish perspectives on social justice are diverse and complex, yet they are often boiled down to over-quoted statements like “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “If I am only for myself, what am I?” This session will explore how to authentically connect Jewish texts and social justice values. It will also feature a demonstration of "On1Foot" (www.on1foot.org), an online database of hundreds of Jewish social justice texts, complete with a source sheet builder.

Parenting Jewish Teens

in the Age of Facebook and Paris Hilton

Joanne Doades

Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM Manhattan Theater


This open, highly interactive and constructive session explores the questions and issues that shape the world in which today’s Jewish teenagers live. Find out how parents can maintain their sanity, dignity, and loving family relationships as their children grow. Topics include: How is my Jewish teen’s life different from my life when I was a teen? What are the causes of the conflict between me and my teen and what can I do about them? How must my behavior change as my teen grows older?

Purity and Body

Issues in Rabbinic Thought: Ritual

Yair Furstenberg

Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM Orange

College/University Student Recommended, Text & Thought

Jewish laws governing food were criticized by Christianity from the start. This dispute exposes a central feature of rabbinic food laws: the attempt to guard the vulnerable body from invasion of contamination. What are the moral faults of such a view? How can it be defended? A close reading of a New Testament paragraph alongside the Talmudic reaction can serve to elucidate these matters.

Rebel Rabbis: The Talmud’s Boundary Breakers II

Honi ha-M’agel: Rain for a Blessing?

Anne Pettit

Canceled, sorry

Text & Thought

Honi Ha-M’agel, the circle-drawer, had a special ability to petition for rain during times of drought—and some of his colleagues saw this as nothing but trouble. How do we make requests of God, and is it proper to ask for miracles? And why is Honi, the Talmud's Rip Van Winkle, sent to sleep for 70 years? We explore Honi’s stories with texts in the original and translation; attend one part of this two-part series, or both.

Time Management

For Those Living on Jewish Standard Time

Lisa Sacks

Monday 8:15 AM–9:30 AM Hudson III


Time is our ultimate resource, one that many of us don't use to its fullest potential. Effective time management allows you to achieve balance, guarantees sufficient time for your core activities, and helps you live in the moment. Learn how to apply your life goals and priorities to your daily life, understand your personal relationship to time, and share your challenges and successes in a supportive environment.


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