2010 Conference
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Shabbat at Limmud NY


Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM

The Bar is Open!

Sunday 9:15 PM–Monday 2:15 AM Lobby bar

Additional schedule

  • Saturday 9:00 PM–Sunday 2:00 AM Lobby bar

Can Aliens Be Jewish?

Dan Ain

Canceled, sorry

Additional schedule

  • Saturday 11:45 AM–1:00 PM Dutchess

Text & Thought

With the resurgent popularity of aliens, as seen in the recent revival of the television series "V," we will ask whether or not the existence of extra-terrestrial life would impact our Jewish world (or should I say, universe) view. In this discussion, we will consider the anthropic principle and issues of chosenness.

Cool Jew

A Fun Romp Across the Contemporary Jewish Cultural Landscape

Lisa Alcalay Klug

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Dutchess

Identity & Responsibility

This session includes musical samplings, slides, poignant personal anecdotes, humorous escapades and updates from recent reporting in the field and research published in "Cool Jew: The Ultimate Guide for Every Member of the Tribe"—a 250-page antidote for Jewish self-hatred!

Davening La Vida Loca

Performance, Ritual and Prayer Hola!

Gustavo Gitlin

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Ulster

Arts & Performance

When we think of introducing new tunes in our shul, we tend to stay close to home, focusing on local, North American music. Have you ever looked down the map? In Latin America, there is a wonderful and vibrant way of davening (praying) Hebrew prayers with a Latin lilt. Come and hear what’s being sung in communities across Latin America.

Friends of Bill W

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:15 PM Orange

Additional schedules

  • Friday 8:45 PM–9:45 PM Orange
  • Saturday 10:30 PM–11:30 PM Orange

Identity & Responsibility

This is a closed 12-step meeting for people who are already in any 12-step program, or who think that they have an addiction problem, or have a friend or family member with an addiction of any kind.

It's All Greek to Me

Praying in Languages Other than Hebrew

Ethan Tucker

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Columbia

College/University Student Recommended, Ritual & Prayer, Text & Thought

Language is simultaneously a portal and a barrier to prayer. Jews have prayed in Hebrew for millenia, yet our oldest sources also speak of prayer in other languages. Come explore the history of the language of prayer, how our linguistic preferences define what prayer is about, and how we might approach this issue today.

The Jewish Imperative To Heal the World: Why, How

Text Study and Ideas for Family and Community

Sharon Halper

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Ballroom C

Chat N' Chew, How-To, Identity & Responsibility

This session will open with a study of texts related to understandings of our role in the world (texts will be in English and require no prior knowledge). We will examine ways of moving from the theoretical to the practical in our families and in our Jewish communities and organizations. Parents, grandparents, and congregational leaders will leave with resources to enrich their endeavors!

LGBTQQI Shmooze Space

A Place for the Queer and Questioning Among Us

Rafi Daugherty

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Bentley's fireside

Identity & Responsibility

LGBTQQI? (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex) This will be an informal gathering of anyone who would like to build queer community within Limmud NY and discuss ways to build Jewish queer community in general.

Middle School Pool Party!

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:45 PM Pool

Children & Families

Come join Middle School Track Limmudnyks for exclusive use of the pool! A boombox with music will be there to make it a rockin' party! The pool party will be supervised by madrichim (counselors), so parents need not attend with their children.

The "Seeing" and "Taking" of Sarah: The Matriarch as Forbidden Fruit

Judy Klitsner

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM The View

Text & Thought

What does Sarah the Matriarch have in common with the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden? Through close readings of the two stories, we will note the surprising parallels between the stories. We will then view this comparison in the larger context of gender relations in the Bible.

Storytelling with Carl

Carl Gussin

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Hudson I

Arts & Performance

Stories gathered from long ago, from near and far, and from just yesterday make Carl Gussin a teaching teller of tales. With your permission—all you need to do is sit back and listen—he will tell you a story for any occasion and a lesson for life. His brand of storytelling captures the attention of audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

"Ve'ahavta" and "Srugim"—The Cultural Revolution

A Film Screening

Isaac Zablocki

Sunday 9:15 PM–10:30 PM Hudson III


Two film programs are shown about the Modern Orthodox community in Israel. In "Ve'ahavta" ("And Thou Shalt Love"), Ohad is a student in a hesder yeshiva who is secretly in love with his best friend. The film deals with the struggles Ohad faces when it comes to loving God and loving his friend. "Srugim' is a new hit Israeli television series about 20s and 30s singles in the Modern Orthodox Jerusalem community trying to find their way in the vibrant contemporary Israeli society.


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