2010 Conference
Site and Transportation
Shabbat at Limmud NY


Saturday 4:30 PM–5:45 PM

Early dinner for families

Saturday 5:00 PM–6:00 PM Ballroom C

This 5pm meal time is for children four years and under and for those who need a little something before the PJ Party. All children in kindergarten through fifth grade are invited to dinner at the Camp Limmud NY PJ Party at 7:30 pm which will include hot Mac'n'cheese!

2010 Chavruta Project: One God

Hannah Kaye, Karen Radkowsky

Saturday 4:30 PM–5:45 PM The View

College/University Student Recommended, Text & Thought

Chavruta means "partnership" and involves two people with similar levels of ability and knowledge exploring texts together. We will examine ancient sources, modern scholarship, song lyrics and more, all centered on the theme of one God. Everyone is welcome, whether you have studied texts before or not. Knowledge of Hebrew is not required. Bring a study partner, or we’ll find one for you.

Bible At Play: Gender, Character, Questions

Using Drama Games and Improv to Tackle the Bible

Eli Kaplan Wildmann

Saturday 4:30 PM–5:45 PM Hudson III

Arts & Performance, Movement, Text & Thought

Let this ancient text touch you in a new way as we use our bodies and minds to confront what is funny, troublesome and exciting in the Torah. In this session, we will look at various ideas of gender and character identity in the text by putting ourselves into these peoples' situations and acting them out. Be ready to move, participate, improvise, and bring your own identity to the Torah that we will delve into.

Bullying Prevention

How to Help Our Jewish Children

Andrea Fallick, Rachel Gershman

Saturday 4:30 PM–5:45 PM Dutchess

Identity & Responsibility, Interactive

This interactive session on bullying will provide practical knowledge and skills to parents, educators, administrators, and community members who are concerned about the effect of bullying on children who bully, on targets of bullying, and on bystanders. Drawing on research and theory, this workshop will identify a wide range of bullying behavior and reasons these behaviors occur. This session will offer a clear definition of bullying and examine the short and long term effects of bullying.

Early Readers of "Esther"

The Reception of a Radical Book

Aaron Koller

Saturday 4:30 PM–5:45 PM Hudson I

College/University Student Recommended, Text & Thought

The book of Esther is a strange book within the Bible, differing from "normal" biblical books in many ways. In this session, we will explore the book and look at what we know about who read the book early on and what they thought of it. Spoiler alert: It didn't win a lot of fans!

Emmanuel Levinas and Talmud for the 21st Century

Jonathan Dine

Saturday 4:30 PM–5:45 PM Ulster

College/University Student Recommended, Interactive, Text & Thought

We will explore how the French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas reads a sugya (section) of Talmud on the giving of the Torah, comparing his interpretation to those of traditional commentators. We will examine what his mode of reading offers to 21st century Jews looking for meaning from the Talmud, a text that many Jews today consider opaque and inaccessible.

Four Houses and a Bus

Religion and Feminism in Israel

Shira Ben Sasson-Furstenberg

Saturday 4:30 PM–5:45 PM Empire Lounge

Identity & Responsibility, Israel

We will focus on the struggle against the exclusion of women from the "four houses"—Beit HaMidrash (house of study), Beit HaKnesset (house of prayer), Beit HaDin (house of lawgiving), and even the family home itself. We will discuss recent incremental yet exciting achievements, the harbingers of the pluralistic feminist revolution ahead.

Gender and Judaism: An Open Conversation

Joy Ladin

Saturday 4:30 PM–5:45 PM Columbia

Identity & Responsibility, Interactive

Some religions downplay or even attack the body; Judaism embraces it. But human bodies are gendered—assigned male or female identities that connect individuals to broad networks of roles and assumptions. While traditional Judaism is organized around gender, some Jews question the gendering of Jewish worship and community. Together, we will discuss how gender affects our Jewish lives.

The Intermarriage Diaries

Julie Wiener

Canceled, sorry

Additional schedule

  • Sunday 2:30 PM–3:45 PM Orange

Identity & Responsibility

Julie will share what she has learned from her 16 years in an interfaith relationship and from almost four years of writing "In the Mix," a controversial column that appears monthly in "The New York Jewish Week."

My Father's Compass

Howard Goldenberg

Canceled, sorry

Howard Goldenberg’s memoir, My Father’s Compass (Hybrid Publishers, 2007), is a moving tribute to his father Myer, who was a rare combination of dinkum Aussie and devout Jew. In this session, the author will use his magical story-telling skills to record and celebrate the long and fruitful life of a man with too many roles: healing the sick, growing olives, sailing the seas, harvesting foreskins, serving synagogues and raising his brood of difficult children.

On The Cusp of Life—From Scared to Sacred II

"Excuse Me, Are You Talking to Me?"

Mimi Feigelson

Saturday 4:30 PM–5:45 PM Manhattan Theater

Text & Thought

What do weddings and funerals have in common? Rabbinic choreography—the Talmud, Maimonides and the Shulchan Aruch (the code of law)—lead this dance. When you find yourself at a funeral, are you there to escort the dead on their last journey, or are you there to escort the mourners on their new journey? How are our parting words perceived? These sessions, while thematically related, are not a series. You may to attend any or all as you are inclined.

Picking and Choosing

Borer on Shabbat

Jaclyn Rubin

Saturday 4:30 PM–5:45 PM Orange

Shabbat, Text & Thought

Is borer, the prohibition of selection on Shabbat, limited only to food, or does it also apply to sorting books and silverware? In this session, we will not only explore the applicability of this prohibition, but the deeper meaning of both positions, and what it can say about our Shabbat practice.

Russian Jews and American Jews: Conflicts, Integration, and the Future

Sam Kliger

Saturday 4:30 PM–5:45 PM Outside library

Advanced, Global History & Culture

Explore and discuss the similarities and differences in attitudes and values between Russian-Jewish immigrants and their American Jewish host community. In what ways are we different? How are the differences reflected in areas of political and social life? How long will the Russian-Jewish immigrant community exist as a distinct Jewish group?


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