2010 Conference
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Saturday 3:00 PM–4:15 PM

Intersections of Jewishness

How do our identities shape the way we interact with others?

Dasee Berkowitz, Aliza Hausman, Abbie Yamamoto, Carlos Zarur

Saturday 3:00 PM–4:15 PM Columbia

Global History & Culture, Interactive

This panel brings together three Jews with varying profiles: a Dominican-American Jew; a Latin American Mizrahi-Sephardic Jew; and a Japanese-Askhenazi Jew. What are our commonalities and differences? Using the stories of the panelists as a spring board, we will launch into our stories and experiences about being Jewish, how we identify as Jews, and how that relates to our lives, with a focus on how our Jewish identities effect inter-cultural and inter-ethnic experiences.

The Third Meal

The Traditional Seudah Shlishit Meal with Singing

Asher Klitnick, Moshe Shapoff

Saturday 3:00 PM–4:15 PM Ballroom C

Shabbat, Spirituality & Mindfulness

As Shabbat afternoon wanes, we enter one of the most spiritual times of the week. The last hours are the most holy, and it is traditional to mark this taste of the world to come with the singing of contemplative melodies, the telling of stories, and a little nosh, as well. Draw out the beauty of Shabbat with Moshe Shapoff and Asher Klitnick, who will lead Seudah Shlishit combining Hassidic niggunim (wordless tunes) and Hassidic stories with the traditional third meal.

Beyond Stonewall: Why We March

A Participatory Reading

Susan Block

Saturday 3:00 PM–4:15 PM Empire Lounge

Arts & Performance, Identity & Responsibility, Interactive

"Beyond Stonewall" is a play about an older gay man who comes out and becomes the focus of the media's attention, and the reaction of a radical lesbian to this notoriety. Filled with historical information and hope, it is informative, dramatic and poignant. The play was written by Joan Lipkin, a talented and nationally acclaimed Jewish playwright. Come ready to play a part or just watch others do an impromptu staged reading of this play. Scripts and gentle direction will be provided. No acting experience necessary.

The Conversion Process

How to Become a Jew

Stephen Lerner

Canceled, sorry

Identity & Responsibility

It is estimated that there are more than 200,000 converts to Judaism in the United States at the present time. What is the process? What are the difficulties which converts face? What aspects of Judaism do they find most attractive? There will be time for questions and discussion at the end.

End-of-Life Decisions

Jewish Thinking on Terminating Life

Evan Krame

Saturday 3:00 PM–4:15 PM Hudson I

How-To, Text & Thought

Motl Brody was brain dead but medical technology kept him breathing. The tragic episode brought to the public a debate over what Jewish law has to say about the end of life and the process of dying. The session will be an opportunity to compare Jewish text, current law, and our own views on how to make end-of-life decisions for ourselves and our families.

Envisioning a Healthy Jewish Sex Ethic

Sara Hurwitz

Saturday 3:00 PM–4:15 PM Ulster

Text & Thought

Talking about sex is thought to be one of the last taboo topics in traditional Judaism. But, upon closer examination, the Bible and Talmud are filled with stories and advice about sex. What are the Biblical, Rabbinic, and Modern approaches to sex and relationships? Do chazal (the sages) convey a sex-positive or negative approach to relationships?

Hallel - the Prayer of Thanksgiving

David Silber

Saturday 3:00 PM–4:15 PM Manhattan Theater

Ritual & Prayer, Text & Thought

A close analysis of the hallel prayer, its religious significance and its relevance to the festival cycle.

I Can Not Read Hebrew, I Never Attended a Yeshiva:

But I Want to Study Talmud

Arthur Kurzweil

Saturday 3:00 PM–4:15 PM The View

How-To, Text & Thought

Have you have ever wondered why our ancestors spent their lives studying the Talmud? If so, join this class for a moving and humorous glimpse into this extraordinary Jewish spiritual masterpiece. No foreign language skills or previous experience are necessary. Just bring your curiosity, an open mind, and a willingness to explore some of the most profound and provocative texts of our People.

Jacob Dreams about Ladders and Makes a Deal with God

But what Exactly IS THE DEAL?

Beryl Phillips

Saturday 3:00 PM–4:15 PM Orange

Text & Thought

In this session we will review the Chumash (Bible) text of Jacob's Ladder dream and the deal he makes with God after he wakes up the next morning. We will attempt to answer the following questions: In Jacob's formula of the dream, what are the conditions he asks God to achieve and what does he offer in return? Why does Jacob strike this deal when God seems to have promised him everything in the dream? What does the Midrash (commentary) teach us about Jacob? We will also compare two variant texts of Midrash.

Kabbalah Yoga

Gabrielle Casper, Jeff Casper

Saturday 3:00 PM–4:15 PM Aerobics Room

Movement, Spirituality & Mindfulness, Text & Thought

Kabbalah and Yoga share similar insights into the nature of reality and how best to attune oneself with the flow of Life. In these sessions, we will combine simple yoga asanas with essential breath work, Kabbalistic chants and meditations. We will also focus on “sutras” from the core Kabbalistic texts in order to deepen the unifying effect of the practice in our bodies, minds and hearts.

Kol Limmud: The Limmud NY 2010 Instant Choir

Learning Session Section 2

Benjamin Gruder

Saturday 3:00 PM–4:15 PM Exhibit Hall

Arts & Performance, How-To

Do you like to sing in harmony? Come out and get your choral groove on! Learn and perform music from Uganda and other locations around the world, in three and four voice parts (mixed singing). We will work up two or three a cappella arrangements and then sing them for the entire conference at the Limmud NY Sunday Night Variety Show. Participants need to attend only one of the learning sessions on Shabbat (either section 1 or section 2) plus the getting-it-all-together rehearsal on Sunday.

Miraculous Meals: From Manna to Metabolites

Eve Jochnowitz

Saturday 3:00 PM–4:15 PM Hudson III

Global History & Culture

Jewish tradition sees all food as a divine gift, but where is the line between natural sustenance and supernatural intervention understood to lie? Is it ever a mistake, or even a transgression, to describe abundance as a miracle?

My Father's Compass

Howard Goldenberg

Canceled, sorry

Howard Goldenberg’s memoir, My Father’s Compass (Hybrid Publishers, 2007), is a moving tribute to his father Myer, who was a rare combination of dinkum Aussie and devout Jew. In this session, the author will use his magical story-telling skills to record and celebrate the long and fruitful life of a man with too many roles: healing the sick, growing olives, sailing the seas, harvesting foreskins, serving synagogues and raising his brood of difficult children.

Rabbinic Ethics and the "Care of the Self"

Issues in Rabbinic Thought: Ethics

Yair Furstenberg

Saturday 3:00 PM–4:15 PM Dutchess

College/University Student Recommended, Text & Thought

Stoic ethics glorified the sage. He represented a living philosophy, designated for self-perfection. In rabbinic literature we find sayings closely associated with these stoic ideas. However, as close as the rabbis come to portraying the same ideals, they always withdraw, creating a deep tension between Torah as a means for the “care of the self” and the ethical value of self subjection.

The Sabbath Dress and Other Tales from the Jewish Tradition

A storytelling performance for families & children ages 4 and up

Noa Baum

Canceled, sorry

Additional schedule

  • Saturday 1:30 PM–2:15 PM Bentley's, Sullivan

Arts & Performance, Children & Families, Interactive

Jewish folktales, rich with warmth and humor, told with interactive audience participation. Come hear tales of wonder, magic and joy from Israel and around the world

The Torah on Estate Planning

What does Judaism say about wills and trusts?

Evan Krame

Canceled, sorry

Additional schedule

  • Saturday 11:45 AM–1:00 PM Empire Lounge

How-To, Text & Thought

Torah is filled with stories that give us insight into the ideals and realities of passing an estate. From Adam to Zelophehad's daughters, we will explore stories of inheritance and how legacy is followed by legal interpretations in the Talmud and by later scholars. We will determine how these stories Jewishly influence our preparation of our own estate plans.

Yoga for Middle School

Lana Revutsky

Saturday 3:00 PM–3:30 PM The View lobby

Children & Families

Come join Lana for yoga for the Middle School Track! Lana will help you learn techniques that will improve concentration and flexibility while having fun!


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