2010 Conference
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Shabbat at Limmud NY


Friday 8:45 PM–10:00 PM

2010 Chavruta Project: One Language

Hannah Kaye, Karen Radkowsky

Friday 8:45 PM–10:00 PM Dutchess

College/University Student Recommended, Text & Thought

Chavruta means "partnership" and involves two people with similar levels of ability and knowledge exploring texts together. We will examine ancient sources, modern scholarship, song lyrics and more, all centered on the theme of language. Everyone is welcome, whether you have studied texts before or not. Knowledge of Hebrew is not required. Bring a study partner, or we’ll find one for you.

Andrew Lloyd Webber to Cecil B. DeMille

The Role of Joseph in the Descent and Exodus from Egypt

Jennifer Gersch

Friday 8:45 PM–10:00 PM Outside library

Text & Thought

Through several literary motifs and nuances of language, we will examine the story of Joseph in Genesis and Exodus.

Friends of Bill W

Friday 8:45 PM–9:45 PM Orange

Additional schedules

  • Saturday 10:30 PM–11:30 PM Orange
  • Sunday 9:15 PM–10:15 PM Orange

Identity & Responsibility

This is a closed 12-step meeting for people who are already in any 12-step program, or who think that they have an addiction problem, or have a friend or family member with an addiction of any kind.

From Generation to Generation:

Understanding How Families Transmit Trauma

Susan Berger

Friday 8:45 PM–10:00 PM Bentley's fireside

Trauma, including collective trauma such as the Holocaust, greatly affects families for generations. Understanding the ways in which families struggling with trauma attempt to heal themselves, and the psychological mechanisms involved, can promote healthier family functioning, more satisfying parent-child relationships and less stress and anxiety for the individuals involved.

Jewish Law—Its Process and Development

PART I: Why do Diaspora Jews celebrate two days of yom tov? (ie Passover, Succot and Shavuot)

Nahum Twersky

Friday 8:45 PM–10:00 PM Hudson I

Advanced, Text & Thought

Have you ever thought that you had enough after the first seder? Have you ever thought how is it possible that we don't know when the new moon falls today? Can the rabbis change this? Why or why not? We will explore the origins of this law and learn the criteria for change utilizing text from the talmud to twentieth century rabbinic literature.

One-Foot Judaism

Sara Hurwitz, David Ingber, Leon Morris, Mark Pearlman

Friday 8:45 PM–10:00 PM Columbia

Identity & Responsibility, Interactive, Spirituality & Mindfulness, Text & Thought

This guaranteed quick-paced yet thoughtful program—inspired by the question asked to Hillel, "Teach me the Torah while I stand on one foot"—will tackle top-of-mind and day-to-day questions on how to be Jewish. Answers are by world-class rabbis who offer enduring and practical sound bytes. The three rabbis are limited to short but impactful answers (180 seconds). Questions are all audience submitted, but may include "“How do I find purpose?” and “What issues should modern Jews be most concerned with?”

The Origin of the Amidah: A Literary Exploration

Elie Kaunfer

Friday 8:45 PM–9:45 PM The View

Ritual & Prayer, Text & Thought

The Talmud famously debates the origin of the Amidah, the central Jewish prayer. Is it modeled on sacrifice, or on actions of the Avot (patriarchs)? Join us as we take a fresh look at this Talmudic passage, examine its Biblical sources, and ponder the meaning of narrative backstory to Jewish prayer.

Religious Pluralism in Israeli Society

Obstacles, Challenges, Achievements

Shira Ben Sasson-Furstenberg

Friday 8:45 PM–10:00 PM Ulster

Identity & Responsibility, Israel

Is there more than one way of being Jewish in Israel? A look at the obstacles, challenges and achievements of pluralistic NGOs in their struggle to build alternative Jewish identities and further the quest for freedom of and from religion in Israel. Specific topics will include legislation, efforts to develop rituals for civil marriage and burial, the conversion crisis, and funding for non-Orthodox, separate bus lines.

Rereading the Creation of Woman

Is Gender Hierarchy Part of the Divine Plan?

Anne Lapidus Lerner

Friday 8:45 PM–10:00 PM Empire Lounge

Text & Thought

For millennia the mythic biblical accounts of the creation of woman have served as a barrier to women, often defining them as secondary, inferior, an afterthought, subservient to men. Through a close reading of the biblical text itself, stripped of the weight of interpretation, and an examination of classic rabbinic midrash and modern poetic counterpart, we will endeavor to understand the multi-faceted reading of these texts from Genesis 1 and 2.

Responses to Poverty: A Jewish Approach

Alana Himber, David Marks, Nava Unterman

Friday 8:45 PM–10:00 PM Empire Lounge corner

College/University Student Recommended, High School, Identity & Responsibility

Participants will explore a number of challenges that the Jewish community faces when addressing the issue of poverty. Is there a Jewish response to poverty? Yeshiva University Eimatai Advisors will lead an interactive session for high school students focused questions surrounding the topic.

Speed Mixing

Friday 8:45 PM–10:00 PM Limmud NY Cafe

Social Programming

Want to meet new people at Limmud NY? Who doesn't? This is for all adults, young or less young, single or married, gay or straight, tall or short. This mixer is a great way to meet and make connections that could last the weekend—or a lifetime.

A Taste of the Garden of Eden

A Celebration of the Jewish Spirit in Stories

Noa Baum

Friday 8:45 PM–10:00 PM Hudson III

Arts & Performance, High School

This session features a rich tapestry of stories from the Hasidic masters and the Middle East, as well as personal stories. These stories connect us with the Jewish themes of wisdom, peace and faith.

Would That I Were Gefilte Fish: Geography and Dialectology of a National Dish

Eve Jochnowitz

Friday 8:45 PM–10:00 PM Manhattan Theater

Global History & Culture

This presentation surveys tanakhic (biblical), rabbinic, and modern sources to trace the relevance of fish to Jewish life and the special historic and geographic role of one particular preparation, gefilte fish, in the Ashkenazic world.


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