2010 Conference
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Shabbat at Limmud NY

From Swastika to Jim Crow
A Film Screening

Erica Sigmon

Saturday 10:30 PM–11:45 PM Hudson III Canceled, sorry

Sunday 8:30 AM–9:45 AM Hudson III Canceled, sorry

College/University Student Recommended, Film, Global History & Culture, Identity & Responsibility

When Hitler seized power in1933, Jewish intellectuals at German universities were targeted for expulsion. After fleeing to the US, many continued their academic careers teaching at historically all-Black colleges in the South, including Howard University, Hampton Institute and Talladega College. While the refugee scholars provided great talent to the schools’ faculty, the colleges offered the professors a new home, students eager to learn, and an inside look at an America that few ever saw.

Erica Sigmon

Erica Sigmon is higher education administrator by day, and is passionate about the arts, in particular film and theater. She also has a strong interest and in-depth knowledge of Jewish history and Israeli society. Erica, a dual American-Israeli citizen, lives in Brooklyn. She is thrilled to be running the Limmud NY 2010 International Film Festival, and stage managing Ami Dayan’s production of Conviction at the conference. This is only the beginning of dreams coming true.

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