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The Open Siddur Project
Craft Your Own Jewish Prayer Book

Aharon Varady

How-To, Interactive, Spirituality & Mindfulness

Craft your own siddur! The "Open Siddur" is a free and open source software project helping anyone to craft the siddur (prayerbook) they’ve always wanted. Imagine a siddur remixed with your personally chosen poetry, prayers, meditations, blessings, translations, commentary, transliterations, and art. Craft your own siddur and integrate creativity into your personal spiritual practice.

Aharon Varady

The Open Siddur Project

Telephone: 5134053603

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Aharon Varady is founder of the Open Siddur Project (http://opensiddur.net), a free and open source web application and community dedicated to crafting customized siddurim (Jewish prayerbook) relevant to an individual's personal spiritual practice. His commitment to a relevant Jewish life is inspired by a belief that increased awareness, compassion, and creativity are the foundation for a more enlightened world. An urban and environmental planner, this year he is a fellow at Yeshivat Hadar.

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