2010 Conference
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Shabbat at Limmud NY

Intersections of Jewishness
How do our identities shape the way we interact with others?

Dasee Berkowitz, Aliza Hausman, Abbie Yamamoto, Carlos Zarur

Global History & Culture, Interactive

This panel brings together three Jews with varying profiles: a Dominican-American Jew; a Latin American Mizrahi-Sephardic Jew; and a Japanese-Askhenazi Jew. What are our commonalities and differences? Using the stories of the panelists as a spring board, we will launch into our stories and experiences about being Jewish, how we identify as Jews, and how that relates to our lives, with a focus on how our Jewish identities effect inter-cultural and inter-ethnic experiences.

Dasee Berkowitz

Telephone: 917 763 1524

Dasee Berkowitz works as a Jewish educational consultant in Manhattan and is the founder of JLife Consulting, a service that offers educational workshops to couples and families planning Jewish life-cycle events. Dasee is a proud member of the Limmud NY board and an even prouder wife of Leon Morris and mother of a cute one and a half year old named Tamir!

Aliza Hausman


Email: show

Aliza Hausman is a Blogger, Freelancer Writer, Speaker, Conversion Counselor, former high school English teacher. Once hailed as “the rare white panda,” Aliza is a Dominican-American Latina Orthodox Jewish convert who blogs about her experiences at “Memoirs of a Jewminicana” (alizahausman.net). Aliza hopes to create more welcoming communities for converts, Jews of color, and newly observant Jews. She is STILL working on a book about her long, winding journey to Judaism.

Abbie Yamamoto

UC Berkeley

A doctoral candidate in East Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, Abbie is writing her dissertation on inter- and intra-minority discourses. She grew up in Japan and came to the United States to attend Barnard College where she was active as a leader in the Jewish community. She is passionate about creating a comfortable space for everyone through tackling difficult issues in creative ways.

Carlos Zarur

Carlos Zarur is an adjunct Professor in Anthropology and Jewish Studies at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He holds Masters Degrees in Jewish Studies in the areas of Western and Eastern Sephardic Studies, Customs and Culture of Mizrahi (Oriental or Eastern) Jewries, Peripheral Jewish Communities, Crypto-Jewish Studies and Marrano-Converso Phenomena among others. Carlos has participed in two documentaries about the Crypto-Jews in Brazil, and he is an independent researcher of the subject. Involved with Jewish Identity issues in Brazil, as Sephardic/Mizrahi Jew, one of his main goals is the dissemination and teaching of these rich Jewish Cultures.

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