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or perhaps, "de veddur" ?

Avi Fox-Rosen

Interactive, Social Programming

Carrying on a glorious Catskills tradition from years gone by, Avi Fox-Rosen will host a schmooze primarily focused on the weather. There will be coffee. The weather will be our starting and ending point, though the conversation(s) will necessarily include many topics. Come with your opinions and gossip.

Avi Fox-Rosen


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Avi Fox-Rosen is trailblazing in the field of Absurdist Rock Cabaret. Avi's band specializes in whisper to wail singing with screaming accordion, junk yard razor blade guitar playing, and grooves that make you weep. Witnesses have spotted him playing with Yiddish Princess, Infection, Jenny Romaine, Shirlala, The Himalayas, Pharaoh's Daughter, Adrienne Cooper + many more. Visit at avifoxrosen.com

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